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Thread: Congrats, and good luck in round 2

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    Default Congrats, and good luck in round 2

    On the surface, Travian looks like a simple game of building villages and buildings. Days later, you realize itís also about armies and war. Experienced players know that in addition, itís also a game of trust and relationships. And in many ways, the game of politics, diplomacy, and reputation can overshadow even the largest military battles. The economics, planning, and leadership aspects of the game are very similar to business studies. Optimizing build times and just-in-time supply require an understanding of engineering concepts like operations research and logistics. Evaluating each playerís motivation and the art of negotiation lends itself to studies of psychology and human behavior. When you think about Travian in all these dimensions and then layer on the sheer scale - 10,000+ players, 24/7, for an entire year - it starts to seem less like a game and more like an exceedingly complex real-life simulation. We all know, or should know, that Travian is just a game. However, one could argue that the effort many of us invest here compares to a second job, and the education you can gain here can compare to earning one degree - or three.

    I was fortunate to play on the first Travian US server round, and I ended the game as a proud member of the ô meta and Shadow alliance. I also ended holding two world wonders, and my sitters deserve all the praise in the world Ė thanks! Tens of thousands will play on this server in the future, but only ô and our allies can claim the first victory. As the round came to a close, ô was formed of Shadow (SL, SC, SN), EAST, Berserk/Ulfsark, and CR. Along the way our friends in NEMEsis, SHK, and LLJK also played a critical role.

    I know from both personal experience and conversations with allies that this game required many sacrifices. Some of these sacrifices were physical and others emotional. We all lost sleep at some point Ė staying up late to queue a build, or waking up at an ungodly hour to send an attack. Some players had to release their desire for revenge to support alliance diplomacy. Others ended up fighting against family members in alliance wars. However, the biggest sacrifice each of us made was the time we invested in playing. We could have been spent this time at work or school (ahem, actually working), with family, or doing any number of things. However, we chose to spend that time working and playing together. This victory required many personal sacrifices, and for those sacrifices you have my thanks.

    The team, friendships, and accomplishments we made before the wonder race would have been enough to call this round a victory. However, with a combination of skill and luck we also built the first L100 World Wonder. If our wonder (Ponyô at 125|125) had fallen we also had the second place world wonder building right behind it (Ponyô at 0|74).

    I met amazing people during this round. One of my best friends locally played the entire round and half way through I had the pleasure of being in his wedding party. Another friend I met along the way had a baby mid-round - as if he wasnít sleep deprived already. I actually met two friends I met during the game for drinks one weekend ~500 miles from home. Many players were students and congratulations to the graduates! In one case, a member of Shadow paid anotherís phone bill because he was going through some rough financial times, and some shared advice across multiple time zones help others get their homework done. A few members had absurdly long power outages during ice storms, and another got stabbed Ė yikes! Some people played as couples and others played as families. So many exciting things happened in life that our accomplishments in the game are in many ways an after-thought. We did build a wonder, and we did win the race, but we also built a culture and community. Itís that community that I am most proud of creating.

    Pre-registration or the second round of has begun and I wish everyone good luck in the next race. New alliances will form. New leaders will rise. Thereís a lot to learn here if you pause to think about it. It is a game, so donít take it too seriously, and donít forget that words and wisdom can be even more powerful than hooves and steel.

    Best of luck,


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    Well said.
    There is no certainty, only opportunity.

    Those who hesitate in the face of greatness have already lost.

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    Here, here! Let the games begin!

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    You can tell who the classy leader in Shadow was

    It's funny Sax, I recall telling the girl that this was a "Fun little game" that took no more than five/ten minutes a day to play. She's still swearing at me for lying to her. I don't believe anyone could have said it better than you just did (other than, maybe weeping about the fact that someone let Ravin become a Daddy...)

    So, much like the class that most of my MM"s had, there's only one more thing to say.

    Get your misty eyed rear end over to the S1 server and register now before I get in touch with Six to get in touch with you...personal like

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    You mean, Aquias is actually willing to allow someone else to give Sax a personal touch?

    And the little one sleeps 8 hours now so I have no middle of the night wake-up call to send troops'll have to find someone else! lol

    After a post like that Sax it's clear you're coming back, who else in their right mind would write that much!

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    Only in this one instance Ravin

    And who said Sax was ever in his right mind? He made spreadsheets to monitor his spreadsheets...

    The man just ain't right...

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    The spreadsheet people scare me...

    Hold me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theo View Post
    That's nothing. My co-leader on S4 made spreadsheets to make a history of every little thing that he has ever done, especially early game. Then he made spreadsheets of his farms, formulas for those spreadsheets to determine profitability, projected versus actual profitability, projected hero experience, etc etc etc.

    And then he had spreadsheets plus a table of contents to monitor all of that.

    Now I admit, the man had over 100 TT after 5 days of being on the server, but that's just messed up...
    I like that

    what his forum name?

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    That was... beautiful... (original post from Lord Saxman)
    ~English is my third language, but I am still trying~

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    Blah, maybe I'll be there.... we'll see.....
    oh no, not again
    S1 - Six (shadow) - Six Bear (bears)
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    I didn't think Travian was merely a game after I met so many devoted and fun players, elchingon, Aquias, Jopa, Haawk, Sax and Ravin to name a few. I started to think Travian was too much of a game after the real life was squeezed little by little.

    Thanks to Sax summarizing the game so well. I'll keep playing s4, and hope to join an alliance to see the wonder race I missed...

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    Oh fine, play on the S4 with those silly EWOK poo heads!!!

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    Congratulations LS/Shadow, it was great playing with you guys for the while that I was around. Good luck in round 2!

    LLJK forever.

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    You should come

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    nicely said! too bad I can't join you guys on the new round =( too many things to do, and travian just won't balance in my schedule now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Saxman View Post
    <long post>
    Well said.

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    I just recently quit smoking and I seriously think that it is easier to put down cigs than to put down Travian.

    See ya in round 2!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sildenafil View Post
    I just recently quit smoking and I seriously think that it is easier to put down cigs than to put down Travian.

    See ya in round 2!
    Travian is easy to quit, I woke up a half hour later than normal the next day - clean.

    Message boards on the other hand...

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    Nice post Sax, now you just have to convince Blah of that, thats it more than just raiding raiding raiding...

    Theo I did all that upto 3mths into the game, when I realised I wouldn't be able to keep it up, the "projected" time needed just to maintain my growth rate, would require me to quit my job. I still keep spreadsheets, but nothing like I did when I started.

    The two weeks I had off work to recover from a surgery really proved that point... it also proved time > gold...
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    I have not signed on for several weeks. I see the server restarted. I haven't gotten to the old alliance forum for several weeks either. Aquias, I'm gonna have to send you an email because I do have some gold to transfer too. But best wishes to all in the upcoming server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyuk View Post
    Travian is easy to quit, I woke up a half hour later than normal the next day - clean.

    Message boards on the other hand...
    Looking forward to that extra half hr sleep before going to work...

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