Hi everyone,

A small overview of known issues with T4.4 and the status of them according to Tech Support. These issues are known and are already in the process of being fixed.

* Daily Quests: Raid unoccupied oasis: no trigger quest if hero has cages but there are no animals
* Daily quest: Displayed time for the daily resets are shown the opposite way when changing to different zones
* Daily Quests: recruiting a friend to game does not count to fulfill daily quest
* Quests : Battle_09 : Quest don't trigger after a bid on an auction.
* Quest doesn't trigger achievement correctly with multiple actions per second
* Culture Points: Village Overview: Layout error shows wrong CP amount of village
* Item: Consumables: Misplaced popup after clicking on stackable items
* Item: Waterbucket: Date and time in LTR the other way round.
* Internet Explorer 11: Hero: Doubleclick on item leads to message "invalid transaction".
* If player destroys village he also conquers it (if chief is in the attacking army)
* Increase amount of defending Natarian troops in WW villages outside the grey area: troops not increased (yet).
* Marketplace: Deactivate ?Trade routes? without deleting it.

Your Travian Team