Hello all!

Just a friendly reminder about switching accounts/joining up as duals, or even just deleting and restarting because you got off to a bad start, as there are several players running into trouble already. As long as your current account is on the server, you cannot log into another account using its password, not even to check on the account and see if it's a worthwhile account to join as a dual (use the sitter function for that). Nor can you create a new account.

§1.1 Each player may only own and play one account per server.
§1.3 Sharing the password with any other player on the same server or using the same password as another player is considered multiaccounting.
§3.2 All rules still apply to players who intend to delete their account or who are already in the deletion phase.

If you are deleting your account to join another, please do not log into your new account using its password until your account is completely deleted. If you are eager to get started on your new account, have that account set your account as sitter, and log into your new account via the sitter function. You can do pretty much everything you need to do as a sitter, especially this early in the server without catapults or chiefs and stuff. Then once your current account deletes completely, you are free to log in via password to your new account.

Similarly, if you got off to a bad start, you have to wait for your first account to delete before you may start again with a new account.

If you are simply moving accounts, with no need to transfer ownership (remember that the email address owner owns the account), your best bet is to contact the MH for instructions… and wait to receive those instructions before doing anything.

Your MH team thanks you (as does any other account who might be caught up in a ban because you didn't follow the rules).