There has been an increase in public discussion regarding bans so this is your official public service announcement on the issue. DO NOT publicly discuss your ban or the ban of someone else. It is impossible for members of the community to have all the facts regarding a ban and staff is not at liberty to discuss a ban with anyone but the user directly so bringing it up does nobody any good. This also goes for who reports a post. If you report a post we as staff do not tell anyone who reports what and 9 times out of 10 what gets posted is wrong. If you post anything regarding why someone was banned or who you feel is to blame, you will yourself get banned.

All that being said I will post the rule as a reminder and please if you ever have any questions please feel free to drop me a pm.


8 Ban Discussion

Members are strictly forbidden from public discussion, complaints, or comments regarding bans either from the game or the forum. Furthermore, because discussion of cheating is closely related to discussion of bans and accusing other players of cheating violates forum etiquette (2.2), any accusations, discussion, collaboration, and so on regarding rule violations will be deleted and the person posting it is subject to severe penalty. The forum staff also reserves the right to punish members that publicly complain about the moderators or in-game staff, especially when they have not consulted a higher authority. It is not possible for the community to arbitrate bans or disagreements with staff; this is only possible for the staff in question and/or the administrators. Therefore, discussion of this type will be deleted and the member will be penalized.

8.1 Appeals

Members that disagree with a ban or moderator actions are free to appeal to the moderator in question; you can do this by sending a message to a moderator of the section where the issue occurred. If no resolution occurs after a sincere attempt to resolve it with the moderator, then the Forum Admin (currently FA Belladonna) may be contacted. If there is still no resolution then the .US Community Manager (currently CM Minke) may be notified.