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Thread: Ancient Europe - Changelog

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    Default Ancient Europe - Changelog

    Hi everyone,

    The changelog with regards to the Ancient Europe scenario which will start on July 16th at 7PM EST on US5.

    General Changes
    Instead of the normal Travian map, we have a new map for this scenario that shows you Europe with parts of North Africa and the Middle East.

    There will be no wonder of the world anymore. You can only win by collecting victory points with your alliance. The alliance with the most victory points wins.

    The amount of bonus granted to merchants by the Trade Office building and to units by the Tournament Square building is doubled.

    Ancient Cities and Artifacts
    There will be 87 Ancient Cities from the start, which are spread among the map. In these Ancient Cities the artifacts are waiting for you. There will be no artifacts appearing in the midgame! Ancient cities will be defended by Romans, Gauls or Teutons. However they will have no AI, so they cannot build fields or buildings or produce troops. But from the start they will be guarded by a certain amount of troops. Ancient Cities can only be conquered and not destroyed. The main capital of each tribe (Romans, Gauls and Teutons) is excluded and can’t be attacked or conquered. Artifacts cannot be moved and the Ancient Cities canīt be the main capital of any player.

    If a player owns more than one ancient city, there are certain rules to regard:
    A maximum of three artifacts can be activated, in which only ONE account wide or unique artifact can be activated. So: Either three small artifacts can be activated or two small and one account/ unique artifact. If a player owns two artifacts with the same effect, then only one of them will have an effect, if both are activated via treasury. Please be aware of the fact that a unique artifact does not necessarily have an account-wide scope (e.g. the unique Fools artifact).

    The artifact has no effect if either Victory Points are chosen or if no button has been clicked so far (idle state of artifact).

    Every effect endures 24 hours (timer counting down) and the owner of an Ancient City has to decide whether he wants to use the power of the artifact or to generate victory points. The treasury popup from ancient cities do only have the two buttons for: Victory Points and own artifact effect. There is no possibility to activate "remote" (foreign members' artifacts' effects) effects from here on. The "remote" artifacts' effects will be explained later on.

    If another player conquers your Ancient City in which the effect is active, this effect immediately stops, no matter if account wide or ancient city-wide.

    Ancient Cities do not provide morale bonus, while fighting for them.

    Alliances and "remote" artifact effect powers
    If you are in an alliance, where other players also possess Ancient Cities, another more complex rule applies:

    You can activate a "remote" or foreign artifact power from another member's Ancient City within your alliance. For this, you can see the button in the treasury popup in a "normal" village, meaning any village except of Ancient Cities. So, besides of the Ancient City powers, you can take effects for your villages from other alliance members. This foreign power is only available, if you spend 10 gold! The treasury in a village needs a certain level in order to use the effects:

    Meeting requirements:
    • Treasury Level 10: You can use "ancient village" scope artifacts from other members
    • Treasury Level 20: You can use "account wide" and "unique" scope artifacts from other members

    You are able to see all Ancient Cities (and its effects) of your alliance. Foreign effects can only be used if the owning member of that artifact has activated the effect. If the other member's artifact is "idle" (no button clicked yet) or if Victory Points were chosen by the owning player, the rest of the alliance cannot "grab" its effect for their own villages.
    The player taking the "remote" power for 10 gold must be aware that it will only be the rest of the time that has been left for the owner of the ancient power (time shown in the countdown). No matter which scope is shown on the member's artifact, the player who activates this for his own village just gets the effect village-wide. If the effect was activated for one village, all other “use remote power” buttons in this village are deactivated.

    There is no "stealing" of effects from other alliances' members: Every alliance member can take any artifact effect for their village, as long as their treasury meets the requirements. It might happen that 10 alliance members are taking the same effect, for example. There is no limitation for that.

    Alliance members
    Account deletion: If you decide to delete yourself, you cannot activate AC powers or generate VP for the alliance. Nevertheless you can still use “remote powers”

    Member leaves alliance: If you want to leave your alliance, you can only do so, if you don’t use artifact powers currently (regardless of remote or his own). Or in other words: If you have activated AC powers, you cannot leave your alliance.

    Alliance kicks member: If a leader of an alliance (the one with the necessary rights) wants to kick a player, the player will not be kicked immediately (like it is now). Instead of that, the player gets kicked 24 hours afterwards.
    Important: The 24 hour kicking delay counts to ANY member of the alliance, no matter if the player has Ancient Cities or activated powers.
    Once the leader activated the “kick player” countdown, the “player who will be soon without an alliance” cannot activate artifacts anymore, neither remote nor his own Ancient City ones. The ones that are already active stay active till their own countdown timed out. If the “player who will be soon without an alliance” wants to activate his own Ancient City powers, (before the kick by the leader is done), he needs to quit his alliance first.

    The "Fool's Artifact" and its special condition
    Foolīs artifacts change powers and scope. This happens when the Ancient City containing a Fools artifact gets conquered by ANOTHER player and either the Fools artifact powers or the victory points where chosen and the 24 hours are over. Or in other words: it changes its effect at the same time the player who controls the Ancient City with a Fools artifact can press the two buttons again.

    Your Travian Team

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    The following changes/bugfixes were included at the start of us5:

    Game T4.4 Delusion Patch 11 AEU #1869

    - TRAVIANIV-7372: The whole ancient europe feature has been developed within the regular release. So we inserted a config variable which which enables or disables this feature.
    - TRAVIANIV-7385: Map Generation: The map is now generated using a map of europe. But it still has he same characteristics as the old. (E.g. If you leave it on the left then you come out the
    right side again etc.) Basicly its just how every field is ordered on the map had changed. And there is no grey area.
    - TRAVIANIV-7368: Ranking: Wonders of the world: Has been switched to a Victory Points ranking. (Is still under development!)
    - TRAVIANIV-7383/7364: Victory points vs Artifact power: Each player holding an ancient city can choose between gaining victory points or using the artefact power.
    He does that decision in the treasury where he has 2 buttons. Those buttons then have a cooldown of 24 hours. After that time the player can choose again.
    The points/function will be gained/activated instantly when the button has been pressed. Those artefacts are not stealable and the ancient cities cannot be destroyed.
    - TRAVIANIV-7365: Ancient cities: The ancient citys will placed on predefined positions on the map while setting up the gameworld. So then they are instantly
    available at the beginning of the round. These cities will have an artefact, a basic set of buildings, an unique look on the map, an specific name and a predefined amount of troops in it.
    - TRAVIANIV-7367: Artefacts are now available from the game start in form of the ancient citys. There will be no setup or spawning of any other artfacts while the game. It basicly starts in midgame.
    - TRAVIANIV-7404: Select Starting Position: The minimap now shows the correct version of the real map.
    - TRAVIANIV-7370: Treasury layout modifications: Since the treasury is the place where the player holding the ancient city decides between victory points or
    artefact power we had to make some modifications in the layout. Also the layout differs from regular villages and ancient cities due to the fact that they have different functions.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-317: Map: Added a new desert tile.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-319: Map: A new map information popup for the desert fields has been added.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-318: Map: A new map information popup for the water fields has been added.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-354: Map: The desert tiles are now settleable.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-252: Hero: Items: If a player has 2 or more horses, he can "sell" them for 100 silver. But they are not in the auction house, they get instantly removed and the player receives 100 silver.
    Also the silverlog in the acp didnt list those actions, now they do. Sadly we cant correct this for players who sold their horse before the update to this patch.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-316: Artifact: Bigger cranny: artifact caused eventjam. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-199: Player recruitment: Deleted duplicate entries were shown ingame and counted for the limit. They will not be shown anymore.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-357: Hero: Items: Selling Items is not possible on french servers. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-261: Profile: Rename account: Using the rename function it was possible to use the same name for the account as the used password. This is not possible anymore.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-377: Profile: Auctions: Even though a player changed his name, in the auctions was still the old name shown. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-87: Hero: Attributes: If your hero level exceeded lvl 100 the experience bar was not working correctly. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-324: fixed some code errors.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-374: Treasury: Artifacts: Some artefacts didnt have the right name. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-375: Treasury: Artefacts: Overview: The cities were not sorted correctly. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-353: Treasury: Artefacts: Some artefacts bonusses were setup wrongly whilst map creation. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-390: Map/Rally point: Settle: The "send troops" popup is blank for the desert map tiles. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-329: Map: The map for the starting position now shows the real and correct map.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-351: Ancient cities: Romans: Troops starved in ancient cities. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-346: Ancient cities: The treasury could be destroyed. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-359: Ancient cities: Smithy: Troops do not have upgrade level of 20. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-362: Ancient cities: Teutons: Building: They had a stone wall instead of earth wall. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-363: Ancient cities: Capital: Clicking on the treasury lead to an "unkown error". Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-365: Ancient cities: Artifacts: some artefacts had a wrong scope or functionality. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-347: Ancient cities: Artefacts were directly activated after conquering. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-349: Ancient cities: Romans: Some villages were not set up correctly. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-350: Ancient cities: Some cities were missing on the map. Fixed.

    Game T4.4 Delusion Patch 12 AEU #1870

    - TRAIVBXXIV-360: Ancient cities: The amount of troops that will be setup per city are in relation to which kind of scope the artefact in the village has.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-387: NPC Roman/Teuton/Gaul: They have been exluded from the statistics.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-388: NPC Roman/Teuton/Gaul: The main village from the 3 Roman/Teuton/Gaul is not attackable so that they wont disappear.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-389: NPC Roman/Teuton/Gaul: They have been removed from the botdetection so that they dont get banned by it.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-401: NPC Roman/Teuton/Gaul: Made the names translateable.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-361: Ancient cities: Disabled the morale bonus for all Troops in NPC villages.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-306: Ancient Cities: It was possible to make an ancient city your capital, so it could not be conquered. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-369: Ancient Cities: Report: Treasury and artefact messages have been shown in the report even though they had no function. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-416: Ancient Cities: Artefacts: Unique artefacts were missing. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-422: Ancient Cities: Artefacts: The numeration in the artefacts names were missing. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-424: Ancient Cities: Mapping: Fixed some wrong names and artefact scopes.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-369: Ancient cities: Report: Treasury and artefact messages were shown even though they are not available in this game mode. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-391: Ancient cities: It is possible to rename generated villages. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-309: IGM Spam Protection: Messages by ignored users reappeared after the ignored player deleted his account. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-385: Truce: Sometime truce doesn't work. We now implemented an automatic restart of the eventsystem shortly before the truce should start.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-399: Achievements: The text for the rewards in the Popup were wrong. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-409: Battle Report: The report stated that the attacked village has been completely destroyed which is incorrect. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-411: Statistics: Victory points: It could occure that the ranking had gaps in it from deleted alliances. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-412: Village: Name: Editing the village name did not work. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-414: Profile: Players will only see their personal set language in every other players profile. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-429: Statistics: Victory points tab showed wrong values for "players" and "cities".
    - TRAIVBXXIV-434: Game end : Gold transfer links have not created. Fixed.

    Game T4.4 Delusion Patch 12.2 AEU #1877

    - TRAIVBXXIV-447: Rally Point: Send Troops: Not possible to send troops between accountīs villages at all. Fixed.

    Game T4.4 Delusion Patch 16 AEU #1881

    - TRAIVBXXIV-403: Ancient Cities: Artefact: More than one active "account wide" artefact could be activated. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-447: Rally Point: Send Troops: It was not possible to send troops between accountīs villages at all. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-165: Quest & Tutorial: Tips: Tips reappear even if you switch off the tips. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-423: Map: Some Ancient Cities were not correctly placed on the map. Fixed.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-366: Ancient Cities: If a player that holds an ancient city deletes himself, then this city will not be deleted. It will change its state back to a regular ancient city.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-402: Ancient Cities: Tooltips/Naming: Removed the "village" label from the ancient cities.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-426: Ancient Cities: Treasury: The layout from the treasury has been changed so that all available artefact powers are listed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-462: Ancient Cities: Artefact of the Fool: This artefact will only change its scope&value when a player chooses "artefact power" or if the ancient city gets conquered by another player.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-415: Map: Resourcefields: Added a village graphic where the village is the desert.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-440: Map: Crop fields/Bonus oases: The distribution of this fields on the map has been recalibrated so its a little more spread equally.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-455: Hero: Adventures: Missing language variable %%adventure.sea(en)%% has been added.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-461: Alliance: Leaving: It is only possible to leave an alliance if this player has no artefact powers activated. If an alliance member (with the rights for this) kicks
    another player out of the alliance, then this will happen with a 24 hours countdown. In that time the "kicked" player cant activate any artefact powers.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-471: Ancient Cities: Supporting Troops from a player that are being sent to an Ancient City will be sent back as soon as they arrive. (This is basicly the same logic that functions for "regular" natar villages on a normal server.)
    - TRAIVBXXIV-381: Replaced some graphics.

    This is a new feature, which is why i put some tasks and their description together. If a member of your alliance has an ancient city with a artfact active, then you can share this function to your village/account as long as the holder of the ancient city has the artefact power active. You do this by clicking in your treasury in a village that is not a ancient city. Here you can see all active artefacts from you alliance and you can choose one.
    Your treasury needs to be at the level that is required for that specific artefact. Otherwise you wont be able to activate it.
    Using this feature will cost 10 gold.

    Game T4.4 Delusion Patch 18 AEU #1883

    - TRAIVBXXIV-475: Hero: Oasis: The hero gets lost when he tries to raid an oases while being equipped with cages. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-485: Hero: Adventure: Report: The image in adventure reports were missing for desert and water adventures. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-492: Map: Ancient Cities: When update from a release older than patch 18, there were some issues with the recognition of the ancient cities. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-493: Remote Artefact: Players were able to use the "activate" button even though their treasury was not high enough for this artefact.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-487: Ancient Cities: Added own graphics for dorf2.php and the map images.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-477: Trade Office: We raised the bonus that is provided by the trade office for each tribe.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-478: Tournament Square: We raised the bonus that is provided by the tournament square.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-483: Alliance: Kicking a player: A alliance leader now has the possibillity to abort the countdown from a player that he wanted to kick from the alliance.

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    The following changes/bug fixes are scheduled to be implemented on us5 on Tuesday, July 22, with a short downtime:

    Game T4.4 Delusion Patch 21 AEU #1888

    - TRAIVBXXIV-479: aEU: Map: Low Bandwith: Desert Tiles did not exist in the low-res mode. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-481: aEU: Map: Low Bandwith: Water Tiles did not exist in the low-res mode. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-482: aEU: Remote/Artifacts: Alliance: Kicked player: If a player without an artefact has been removed from the alliance, then this happened instant. Now every member has a 24 hour countdown before he gets kicked.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-490: aEU: Treasury: Numeration of artefacts in treasury popup is wrong. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-486: aEU: Treasury: When logged in with Low Bandwidth treasury popup showed the new graphics. Now they are not shown anymore.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-499: aEU: GameEnd: System Message: Some Sysmessage language variables were not working. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-501: Village: Main Building: Demolish: Villages didn't get deleted when being demolished completely. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-508: aEU: Alliance: When a player is being kicked he could activate ancient city powers. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-512: aEU: Treasury: The listing of the unique artefacts were wrong. Now all unique artefact will always be shown at the end of the numeration.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-520: aEU: Treasury: Management tab is not displayed correctly in non-ancient cities. Fixed.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-526: aEU: Alliance: Kicktimer: If reloading a page with the kick timer, it multiplies and gives a new 24 hours kicktimer Fixed.

    - TRAIVBXXIV-478: aEU: Village: Tournament square: The bonus provided by the tournament square has been doubled.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-504: aEU: Ancient cities: They received some extra graphics to improve usability.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-506: aEU: Alliance: Kicktimer: If a player has the kicktimer active, he can manually instant-leave the alliance so he is able to use his artefact again. Otherwise it would be possible to block this player.

    Game T4.4 Delusion Patch 21.4 AEU #1901

    - TRAIVBXXIV-553: aEU: Ancient cities: Artefact of the fool villages had a wrong troop mapping.
    - TRAIVBXXIV-544: aEU: Ancient cities: Wrong mapping for units and artefacts for some villages and artefacts.
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    Games T4.4 Delusion 25 Patch AUE #1904

    - Ancient cities: City: The downgrade of buildings when a larger player conquers a village of a smaller player doesn not count for ancient cities.
    - Treasury: The overview of the treasury has been modified so that the player can have a better look at which artefact is now active and for how long.
    - Player: Profile: We now prevent players from using specific arabic UTF8 characters in their account name.

    - BRS: The moving of adventures while installing a backup had some issues. Fixed.
    - Rally Point: Attack: Catapult: Queue: Building any building type is not getting finished because of catapult attack. Fixed.
    - Artefact: Diet control has caused several issues when it got used via remote artefact powers.
    - Registration: Starting villages at 9c/15c fields were possible. Fixed.
    - Alliance: It was possible to get an alliance that had no player with alliance rights in it. Fixed.
    - Remote artefact: Each player can once per day activate a remote artefact power. The button in the treasury will then be green instead of gold.
    - Ancient Cities: Treasury could be destroyed. Fixed.
    - Treasury: Inactive artefact of the fool is shown as active to other players. Fixed.
    - Rally point: Crop consumption of troops doesnt consider artifact effects in some cases. Fixed.
    - Rally point: Oasis: Troops: Displayed return time for supporting troops in an oasis is different between villages. Fixed.
    - Attack: Catapults: Stonemason's Lodge was not the last building that would be destroyed by catapults. Fixed.
    - Ancient cities: Wrong mapping for units and artefacts. Fixed.
    - Ancient cities: It was not possible to destroy the residence. Fixed.
    - Ancient cities: Artefact of the fool villages had a wrong troop mapping ("Number of Troops")
    - Trade routes: Alliance: Trade route to an alliance member's ancient city did not get removed when player changed his alliance. Fixed.

    Game Delusion Patch 34 AUE #1916

    - RTL: login: mini map is mirrored. Fixed.
    - Artifact of the fool: check for active account wide artefacts failed while changing the fools artifact. Fixed.
    - Battle Report: If you have only 2 villages, one normal and one ancient, and the last building of the normal village is destroyed then either there is no report or the report says that the village was destroyed even though it wasn't. Fixed. The report says now, that the last building was destroyed.

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    Game Delusion Patch 57 AUE #1954

    - Ancient City: Buildings: Classic demolish feature per lvl does not work for Pictavium (did 27). Fixed.
    - Ancient City: Artefact: wrong calculation of "crop" in dorf1.php after activating artifact power of diet control. Fixed.

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    Game T-Raeckz - 28.2

    - Treasury: It now shows the player, when the next free activation will be possible.
    - Ancient City deletion: Restored cities were shown in the treasury. Fixed.
    - Ancient City: Banned players were able to activate their artefacts. Fixed.

    - Vacation mode is now available for activation in the preferences menu. The maximum amount of days is 21, the minimum is 3. This is also depending on speed. The formula is days / speed.
    The conditions that must be reached to activate this are:
    - No outgoing troops.
    - No incoming troops to his villages / oasis.
    - No reinforcing troops for other accounts.
    - No reinforcing troops by other accounts in villages / oasis belonging to player’s account.
    - No Wonder of the World village.
    - No artifact Village.
    - No beginner’s protection.
    - Players are able to abort the vacation mode.
    - Players are unable to send or receive troops or to do adventures with their hero.
    - Players are unable to start new building orders.
    - Players are unable to start celebrations in the town hall.
    - Players are unable to start parties in the brewery.
    - Players are unable to use the market place.
    - Players are unable to train troops.
    - Players are unable to accept alliance invitations.
    - Players are unable to start an account deletion.
    - The info box shows a notification about the vacation mode which also contains a link to the vacation abort page.
    - The inactivity account deletion is stopped while the account is in vacation mode.
    - Players are unable to start upgrades in the smithy.
    - Players are unable to start researches in the academy.
    - Players are unable to use auctions.
    - The price of the "Abort Vacation"-Action is set to 10 gold.
    - Master builder will start any queued building orders when the requirements are met.
    - The payment shop will be shown when trying to abort Vacation Mode with insufficient amount of gold.
    - Map: Village: Details: The link “add to farmlist” now opens the “buy gold club”-popup similar to the reports.
    - Map: Detail Window: Now there is a loot icon shown next to the list of attacks.
    - Map: UI: The world map now shows reinforced places from the current village.
    - Help Center: The redirection to the help center will be opened in a new browser tab.
    - Alliance Box: The alliance events are now shown in the alliance box.
    - Alliance Box: It’s now closable similar to the hero xp/hp bar.
    - Alliance: Reports: The alliance tag has been added to battle reports.
    - UI: Notepad: Integrated the same highlighting that the IGM's use (BB codes etc.).
    - UI: Link list: there are now some predefined recommended links.
    - UI: Rally point: Farm list: We improved the layout of the headline.
    - Reports: The info "a village has been destroyed" was shown even if that village was not destroyed. Also we added some information why this village has not been destroyed.
    - IGM/Reports: Player can now toggle the "read/unread" status.
    - Changed the release name.
    - Player profile: Oases: Added some new graphics so that now annexed oases can be better distinguished.
    - System messages: Artefacts: Inserted a more actual graphic for this message.
    - Buildings: Details: This page will refresh itself as soon as there are enough resource to advance it to the next level.
    - Quest/Tutorial: Details: The reward is now shown in the detail view.
    - Sitters/Duals: The Main player will not get logged out if a sitter/dual will click the logout button.
    - Statistics: General tab: We removed the "active players" statistics.
    - Player invites player: The EE/LT/LV servers are now able to support this function within each other.

    - Artifacts: "The architect’s slight secret" did not make walls more stable. Fixed.
    - Logging/UI: Artifacts: "Natars conquered the artefact" showed a timestamp in the future. Fixed.
    - IGM: BB Codes were not working in IE11. Fixed.
    - Gold Features: Exchange resources: When the level of granary or warehouse is too low to upgrade a building, but the sum of resources is in theory enough, the "exchange resources" button works even though it should be grey. Fixed.
    - Map: Alliance: Highlighting: The colours of the highlighting were not fully changed when 2 alliances changed their diplomacy status.
    - Map: The coordinate outline was not displayed correctly. Fixed.
    - Rally Point: Incoming Troops: Switching to "incoming attacks" caused the attack to be listed starting with the last incoming attack. Fixed.
    - Rally Point: Oasis: It could happen that the Hero and/or troops did not move away from the home village. Fixed.
    - Village: Details: Layout: Long names could overlap report links. Fixed.
    - Village statistics: Tabs: culture points: WW villages in the grey area had a CP production. Fixed.
    - Farm list: Reports: As a defender, it was possible to add the attacker to your own farm list from the defender report. This option has been removed from the def report.
    - Farm list: Layout: Long village and list names broke layout. Fixed.
    - Farm list: Layout: Edit raid: "Last targets" would break in next the line. Fixed.
    - Farm list: Last raid showed wrong report for second village
    - Travian Plus: Building queue: Adding 2 buildings in the queue caused only 1 building to be finished when using instant completion while having PLUS activated.
    Also no gold has been charged. Fixed.
    - Building overview: The button for switching the color mode had a wrong tooltip. Fixed.
    - Buildings: When a warehouse or granary is not big enough to upgrade a building and a player clicks on that building, the page will keep reloading constantly. Fixed.
    - Crop stock: Current crop available was displayed without a comma. Fixed.
    - Marketplace: Send resources: The check after changing the resources did not work properly. This e.g. caused the message "not enough merchants" not to disappear. Fixed.
    - Marketplace: Send resources: Correcting values before sending resources could lead to a wrong recipient. Fixed.
    - Interface help: The daily points button and window were clickable and had no helping information available. Fixed.
    - Hero: Item: Attributes: Layout: If a player equipped the hero with consumable items then the display of the attribute points changed from "0%" in def and off points to "0". Fixed.
    - Hero: Adventures: the duration in the adventure popup was missing. Fixed.
    - Hero: Attributes: The health bar did not show the revive-progress. Fixed.
    - Hero: Adventures: Account got temporarily banned when refreshing page which said that the hero was on an adventure. Fixed.
    - Tutorial: Step One "Tasks and Help" popup did not open when clicking on quest master while having the tutorial tips disabled. Fixed.
    - NPC Trade: distribution logic: This has been optimized.
    - World End: System message: It switched from "Natars have won the world" to "player has won the world" when players interacted with their account after the server had finished. Fixed.
    - JavaScript: The timer reload had an error regarding incoming troops. Fixed.

    Known issues:
    - Quest: Rewards: icons and text have inconsistencies
    - Reports: Deletion of reports if you have more than 2000 in your inbox seems to be broken. So reports are deleted only after 7 days.
    - Adventures: Several players didn't get any adventure for several days in a row
    - The vacation mode is disabled by default.
    - Map: I cannot mark players any more - nor send troops (using the context menu).

    Game T-Raeckz Patch 28.11 - Hotfix which was created before our domain received the original update

    - Adventures: Several players didn't get any adventure for several days. Fixed.
    - Map: Right click: Send troops / send merchants link was missing. Fixed.
    - Profile: Vacation Mode: You were not able to take less than 3 days vacation. Fixed.
    - Vacation mode: Its now active by default.
    - Profile: Vacation Mode: UI: The "-" button did not always react. Fixed.
    - Vacation Mode: Input Field: Typing in anything else but a number created an error. Fixed.

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