Greetings everyone!

Iam in progress gathering a pre-made team for a upcomming server (English language) Therefore I have posted this thread on several travian forums.

This project of recrutment is no ordinary request for members, but a well thought out Concept from an idealist that works with logistics for a living.

The Idea is to pre-make a hole alliance +30 players and close recruitment already from the day we join a server, this way any hostile infiltration is avoided.

Nationality & Timezone:
Sitting-partners will be put togeather first day of server-start. In order to maintain maximal effectivity these sitting-arrangements will be of certain international nationalities. Due to the time-interval the result of this will be a time-variance of 16 hours in between sitters and we will therefore reach highest possible activity. (High possibility for 24/7 accounts)
I expect the alliance to be a combination of Americans, Europeans & Autralians

We prioritize each other equal to ourselves and cooperate with one another always to gain the highest advantage, we gain ground as a united force and place our cities in interest of the alliance.
We are a diplomacy and we stand there-fore equal to each other, no matter rank or position. Further this means we have free speech such as free acces to all informatives.

fundamental values:
The foundation of this alliance is based on trust, communication & dedication. My priority is dedication above experiance. When thats said Iam in the belive we be able to forfill these values via. A strong sociality.

We have a forfilled strategy already before we join the server, therefore we will only add treaties for improvisative and adaptation purposes (This does ofcause not include certain subjects such as battle-planning). Otherwise a forfilled well-coordinated stretegy is set to secure: Geographic advantage, supportive superiority, hostile intelligence, favorable diplomatic such as insured LTD-support ect.
The stretegy cannot be discussed of safty reasons

Introducing Myself:
For those of you who do not recognize me, I would like to introduce myself, My Name is Lasse Ngaard and was born in 1994. I do logistics for larger companies for a living and the pursuit of effectivity is infinite in my case. I have played Travian and similar game-Concepts for 10 years this september. I have had a break from Travian the last few years (Played Grepolis instead).
I dont like to praise myself but I would say I make a pretty good leader due to my personal life experiances, I make a fair diplomat as well due to eloquent language and broad perspective, Still I would say my strongest side would be coordination of operations. As person Iam very down to earth, usually in good mood, optimistic in circumstances and realistic as standard.

- - - -

- An application for membership (Personality, age, nationality, experiance ect).
- Minimum fifteen years of age (1999).
- A decent English language.
- A mimimum activity of 49 hours/weekly.
- Active in maximum two other worlds.
- You have skype (If not a link is below).
- You have Puush (If not a link is below).

- - - -


- If you having further questions or are interested being a part of this alliance you should feel free to send me an application for membership, this should be answered withing maximum 24 hours.

Contact informations:
Forum: LasseNgaard
Skype: Coke4mand