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    I came up with this idea when reading something about a Noob vs Noob server being more fair for learners. Seeing as that isn't feasibly possible, how could new players and people who start the server later survive on the same server with vets and still make an impact on the endgame? The answer came in a form of not separating them entirely, but diverting the strong players to another area of the map, or in this case a new map frontier altogether. What if the travian map had multiple tiers?

    For instance we spawned on the first tier, which is shrunk to about a 400x400 grid total (positive and negative 200s) and is largely the same as the map layout is now, possibly aside from the newly implemented grey area.

    The second tier could have improved oasis and would be where all the artifacts are held, and is shrunk a little bit proportionally around where the WW's are located (addressed later). There could be a reduced CP requirement for settling in the higher tiers (maybe 70%?) as an added incentive not to endlessly settle on the first tier.

    Third tier could have the bonus of 2x troop build speed, and is increasing shrunk in map size to be about 1/4 of the original map, or whatever the devs see fitting. Same thing with CP as listed on the second tier.


    -WW's would have to be built from the ground up, or to better phrase it, through all three tiers. The first 40 on the first tier, 2nd 40 on the second tier, and the last 20 on the third tier. (open to modification as seen fit if implemented). WW's would only be attackable and reinforced on the tier they are currently being built on, or have a significantly reduced effect of being attacked from a different tier.

    -Trades could only be made on the same tier, excluding resources sent from a player's own village to another of said player's villages on another tier. Only one hour worth of resources (from the villages in the sending tier) could be sent to another tiered village pure day.

    -Settlers and hero (hero greatly slowed when passing through barrier) would be the only troops allowed to pass through the tier barrier, and only 1 tier barrier at a time. This way the stronger players have incentive to get off the 1st tier and up to the higher tiers, while lowbie players would still provide important support on the ground tier. This could allow new players to be viable support as they join later in game rather than simply fodder for the established players, who would be needed on the top tiers.

    I look forward to feedback, but please have a detailed response on your thoughts rather than few word responses that tend to get off topic. I've seen those running rampant through this forum.
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    I'm not really sure it would work out any differently than the current system. If I understand your idea correctly, everyone spawns on tier one, and the only way to get to the higher tiers is by settling. Experienced players would split themselves between the three tiers just as much as the new players. It seems to me the main effect would be to fragment the players into smaller groups, and I really don't see that as a benefit for new players. I think Travian was better for new players when it was more popular and had ten times as many accounts. Cutting the effective population by three is probably a move in the wrong direction.

    I still think the best advice for new players is to consider their first round a learning round. Focus on learning the game, making friends etc. Accept that if you start late you will not be a major player in that round. But if you find some friends to play with in the next round, that next round will be much better.
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    I agree with you that a higher overall population would be more welcoming to new players, but the idea wouldn't divide the new players just as much as the old. In this context new players would also include those starting late. There would be a higher concentration of newbies and late joiners on the lowest tier where there isn't any kind of advantage. The race for control of the second tier (the tier containing artifacts) would draw the strong players away from all the newbies and late starts still on tier one. The third tier has an even greater draw to it, having 2x troop build speed, or whatever the devs can come up with as a suitable attraction.

    The point is to have a areas of the map(s) where the reward, and thus competition, is greater, but also prevent them from being within stomping distance of substantially weaker players. As it is now players are spawning in late next to fully developed croppers that are meant to build EGH. This would still happen to some degree, but there would be far less powerful players trying to make an empire on a tier with no advantages. As such, late starts not only have a chance at surviving, but also a chance at being relevant to a WW force, if only on the first tier due to powerful players splitting their forces the the higher tiers. They took a step in the right direction with the grey zone, but I think it could be taken a step further if they really wanted to.

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