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Thread: Easter Caption Contest

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    When they throw a party...they really throw a party!!!

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    This is the last time i trust them to say to be ready!

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    Just taking a peep at how to raid with phalanx.

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    1. Hey peeps my Phalanxes are getting fat!

    2. Travian peeps are the greatest!

    3. After the peeps are toasted going to soak in vodka so the will be edible.

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    He wouldn't be quiet. I didn't want to hear another peep.

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    "Travian. Born in 1101 AD. Conquered the known world, which would be modern day Europe and Asia. Died in 1153 AD. The greatest swordsmen and strategist of his time. Rumored to have fathered over 100 children and commissioned the creation of the first peep candies for them on Easter during his aging years."

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    1. Ration your Peeps
    2. Who needs Chestnuts when you have Peeps
    3. I lost all my Peeps

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    1. And not a single peep was given

    2. I don't give a peep

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    you suck... I rock....

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    Meh, hiding those eggs was a bad idea. Roasting their peeps will convince them to join our nation.

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    When can I go home?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FA Slippery View Post

    "Yeah, some noob tried to test me. I'm roasting his liver with fava beans and a nice chianti."

    "I kill, I raid, I chief, and conquer... and what do I hear people say every day? OMG it's Cheech Marin!"

    " Here is Cheech Marin, when he's not smoking a fatty, he's smoking a fatty."
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    If you toast one they will come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Acronym View Post
    If you toast one they will come.
    via Imgflip Meme Maker

    via Imgflip Meme Maker

    via Imgflip Meme Maker

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    EASTER!!! I thought you said eat her.

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    Well, I conquered easter... What now?

    I wonder if this tastes good with franks?

    And the Gaul thought " I wonder how many of these would fit in my cranny"

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    "I thought they promised a 'Saddle Warmer' building in version 3, but no ... I must still do it myself in 4!"

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    I'm peeped off someone grabbed my elephants..

    Were the peep is the toilet paper..

    I am going to do what ever the peep it want to..
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    "I don't always try to Chief a village, but when I do I don't have enough Culture Points" - ASA

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    "Pinterest has great ideas for what to do with "peeps" leftover from Easter! Now when are the gauls going to get here with the graham crackers and chocolate. Late as always, those Phalanx slowing them up."

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    Is a warm cushion to much to ask for?

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    Bored with my sword, a peep that I gored is now roasting in flames, never was one who was much into games.

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    How do I teach macemen to use the door?

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    1. Hmmm... Where do I go when I take a town?
    2. Does MultiHunter really exist or is it just a myth created for everyone to behave?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FA Slippery View Post
    Spring is here and Easter is just around the corner. Let's celebrate... with GOLD!!!! Create a caption for the picture below to be entered in a chance to win one of 20 prizes! That's right folks, we're giving away 20 prizes ranging from 25-100 gold! Post below to submit your entry!

    1. Limit of 3 entries per person
    2. Entries must be forum appropriate
    3. Entries must be posted in the thread
    4. Deadline is Sunday April 12th, 2015
    5. Staff members may submit captions but will not be eligible for a gold prize
    1. I told you I didn't want to hear another peep out of you!
    2. wish I had a deep fryer!!!!!!
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    "Travian budget cuts were rough this year."
    "Why do I always get the pink one?"
    "I just hope the Teutons don't hear about this."
    ~Shelby Phillips~

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    "i wonder if jesus christ was eating peeps while being crucified on the cross"

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    What a waste of my time! Roasting a peep is beneath a Chief.

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    We took that village without a peep!

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    "I'll never complain about quest results again."
    "Yeah, I usually get my hammer chiefed. It's my signature move."

    "Between the idea and the reality, falls the forum."

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    I'm glad I'm not FA Slippery. I would have a really hard time trying to pick best. These are great!

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    thanks, i try my to best to carry the metaphorical team in captioning

    another caption btw (short and quick):

    "why the **** am i holding a peep on a plastic sword over a candle there is no way that a fire that small will be able to cook food. furthermore, nobody cooks peeps because they are already prepared to eat. i really need to get my life together and spend time getting a good job, marry a nice woman, and starting a family. its times like these that one ponders if they have a mental illness and thinks about institutionalizing themselves rather than pursuing their aspirations in life. here i am cooking a peep - which shouldn't even be cooked, by the way, instead of doing anything productive with my life."
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    Travian: A lot of sitting around, bored out of your mind, waiting for the occasional sweet treat that keeps you coming back for more.
    Quote Originally Posted by wheelman View Post
    If I don't attack any WWs, can I take credit for the win?

    Trick question, of course I can. After all, here in the forum no rules apply. Folks just declare themselves the winner. Easier. No unpleasant bending.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rokchick View Post
    Pap is trying to do a wildfire with weird.

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    1) This is going to stink.
    2) I told that peep to leave me alone when I'm in the other office
    3) I raided that town and all I got was a cavity.

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    Now, what were the coordinates again? Crap! I am so terrible with numbers. And to think I'm married to a Math teacher!!!

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    "no you may not have my pink sausage!"
    s1: The Dude
    s19: Venom

    Mods be all up on deeznutz

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    1 When wheat comes to an end...
    2 East of West - dinner at home is best.
    3 You eat wheat but u don;t now about such a nice marshmallow...

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    Sittin on the rock of the day...
    Roasting peeps that come my way.
    Watchin' the cats roll in.....
    Only to see them destroyed again.

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    Let me tell you of the ancient and true stories of why we fight and why your village should join us

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    All these brand new accounts feel fishy

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