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Thread: Which village should be my hammer village?

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    Default Which village should be my hammer village?

    This is a little more of an advanced question, but I'm torn between which one I should pick. I've settled my second village as a 15c 150% and will make that my capital. However that won't be my hammer village since I plan on making good use of the GB and GS. I have the option of using the village right next to me which is a standard 6 cropper, or a 15c 75% which is 6 spaces away from me.

    I feel like the 15c would be easier since it will be able to produce about 17k once all is complete vs the 6.5k that the 6c will produce. My other concern is that it would take 30 mins for my merchants to reach the village, and about 35 mins for my troops to raid my capital if needed. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    Go for the 4-4-4-6 next to your cap.
    As you said, you need to be quick with your merchants as well as raids if you have to. If your merchants take 35 mins to reach your hammer village, then it will get really difficult for you to manage crop once your hammer starts to get big.

    Also, NEVER take an oasis from you hammer village if you are going for a non cap hammer. People can easily wheat scout your oasis to see what is going on in the hammer villa and some could even raid it.

    tl;dr - Take the 6c, but do not take any oasis from that villa.

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    Don't worry about the wheat production of your hammer village. Your hammer village's job is to build troops, it's your capital's job to feed them. Furthermore, you can still settle that second 15c and set up traderoutes to automatically send its wheat production to your hammer village.
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