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Thread: Buying gold with paysafecard

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    Lightbulb Buying gold with paysafecard


    I play the usx server atm and there is only the 3 options to buy. Paypal (which is too insecure for me), CC (my bank blocks travian for some reason) and paysafecard, by far the best option.

    So, can I buy a psc from Germany and use it?

    Also, the prices dont match the psc values I can but (there is no $12.99 psc I can buy). So what if I buy a 100 psc and try to buy gold. Will this be taken completely and I get ~2840 gold? How is this done?


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    Dear seathestars,

    Any money left over on the paysafecard after making a payment remains available for future use.
    So if you buy $12.99 worth of Gold, you will have roughly $87.00 remaining for future purposes (depending on the USD - EUR ratio)

    You can get more information on paysafecards by clicking this link

    Kind regards,
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