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Thread: Upgrading your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th village

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    Default Upgrading your 2nd, 3rd, or 4th village

    Hello guys,

    There are a lot of guides helping you out to your 2nd village, but usually, after that, they stop. I haven't found a single guide that will help me on the most productive way to simcity my 2nd, 3rd, or 4th village. I can understand that this is personal, and there are a lot of road to Rome, but there must be something out there, right?

    Some sort of guide with calculations behind them?

    I hope to hear from you guys, have a lovely day,


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    It depends on what you get as your second village. If you go straight for a cropper capital it will be a different strategy than if you get a normal supply village.

    That being said you should always try to generate Culture points as quickly as possible, through parties everyday and the gladiator helm/artworks. You should also build CP boosting buildings.

    By the time your 2nd is built up, you will be able to build further villages quickly as you have both the spawn and 2nd to send resources.

    What did you settle as your 2nd/plan to settle?

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    My 2nd village is a 15-cropper, with level 5 wheat right now. 3rd village is a 4-5-3-6 (gaul). The thing is, I don't know what is better for me. I'm not a really good farmer. I only get like 1/10th of the 10th player in the top-robbers list. Should I therefor go for resource-field, that I can give parties in multiple villages, or build cp-buildings that I don't really need...

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    Do you use much gold either?

    Concentrate on resource fields in your 3rd village.
    You could do a party in your spawn every night, although instead you could build more troops to first up your raiding a bit.
    Don't use resources on Cp buildings yet then and focus on getting up fields and more raiding troops (TTs).
    In your 15c you should get wheat fields up, as then you can NPC it into other resources.

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    As a Gaul or Teuton, I'd say focus on your resource fields first (Romans can do resources at the same time as culture point buildings). Culture point buildings are more important than parties because they will pay you back every day for the rest of the server (and also because under the current rules the increase the power of the parties).

    For me, every feeder village will end up with:
    Main building 20
    Market 20
    Warehouse 20
    Granary 20
    Academy 20
    Embassy 20
    Rally point 20
    Wall 20
    Mansion 15 (because I choose my villages so they will have two good oases)
    Town hall 10 (big parties)
    Residence 10 (a few 20 for building Chiefs)
    Stable 10 (for TO)
    Trade office 5-10 (depending how much I need to ship to my capital)
    All 5 bonus buildings at 5
    Smithy and barracks at 3 (prerequisites) (any village that produces defense troops will get these to 20)
    S6-r1 The_Chuck S8-r1 Lanie (night shift) S5-r3 Tyche (night shift) S7-r3 Chuckles (night shift)
    S2-r6 Tommo and rebuild S1-r7 Country (day shift) S5-r7(AEU) Office Space S19-r2 (SE) The Joker

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