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    Default Oasis respawn

    What determines when an oasis respawns critter?

    I was under the impression that if an oasis is attacked every hour it cant respawn but I've had several times today an oasis pop critter between attacks under an hour apart from each other.

    Is it just luck whether the game decides to screw you or not?

    It's hard enough to make a profit from oasis' without the inconsistency

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    Oasis farming is not intended to be profitable. While there was once code that prevented oases from respawning if they had recently been attacked, the intention was to make it easier to capture an oasis, not to make them farmable. When the T4 farm lists made farming practically automated, farming oases became so popular that many oases never respawned at all since dozens of farmers guaranteed that they had constant attacks gong at them. They removed the recent attack check around two years after t4 came out because of this.
    The game actually checks for respawn when someone attacks an oasis, so it actively tries to put animals in front of your troops.
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