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Thread: Who to contact in-game

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    Default Who to contact in-game

    Who should you contact if you have problems in-game?

    My account has been banned!

    • Step 1: You should always contact the Multihunter first if you have been banned, See Below for ways how to contact the MH.
    • Step 2: If you have not received a reply within 24 hours, please contact the Customer Service Representative for assistance Please include your server number and username in this email.

    I have seen another player violating the rules

    • Step 1: Contact the Multihunter and they will deal with the issue if action is required. If you are reporting private messages, make sure to include the URL of that message.
    • Step 2: If it has been some time and you still feel a rule is being violated, you should report the player again. However just because you report something does not always mean action is required or that you will know about it.

    I need help playing the game

    • Step 1: For game play help, please contact Support. These messages are replied to by very experienced people who know the game well and should be able to help you. To contact them, just send an in-game message to the account "Support".
    • Step 2: If you don't feel Support has answered your question or you would like a wider variety of answers to your question, you can ask a question on the forum in the Questions section. The forum also has a Guide section providing useful information often with image aid.

    I have problems with purchasing gold or using Plus

    If this does not resolve any issues you may have or you have a query which is not covered by one of these contacts then you can email the Customer Service Representative at for further aid.


    Your Travian US Team


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    Ways to contact the Multihunter in-game

    1. Send an In Game Message addressed to Multihunter

    2. Use the Help System

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