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Thread: Us1 Round 10 Battle Thread Discussion

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    BR's or it didn't happen....
    S1r3: Loqutis - TEG
    S1r4: Muffin Bluffin - TEG
    S1r5: on a "impossible" solo in TRP (Disavowed)
    S1r6: Silly Froggy.... Hammers R 4 Attack
    S1r7: Radioactv Anvil CARE
    S1r10: An Angry Beaver BTDT
    S5r4: Cowboy
    S7r2: Thunder Lizard
    S7r3: ohhhmmm

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    I guess nothing is happening. Very disappointing.
    And now I'll tell you what's against us, an art that's lived for centuries. Go through the years and you will find what's blackened all of history. Against us is the law with its immensity of strength and power - against us is the law! Police know how to make a man a guilty or an innocent. Against us is the power of police! The shameless lies that men have told will ever more be paid in gold - against us is the power of the gold! Against us is racial hatred and the simple fact that we are poor.
    - The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti, Joan Baez

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