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Thread: Forum Rule Change 2.2.G Battle Reports

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    Default Forum Rule Change 2.2.G Battle Reports

    Hey Folks

    The following rule has been removed from the forum rules:

    G. Posting uncensored battle reports. Permission to post uncensored reports must be sent via PM to the relevant section mod before the report is posted. Permission from all parties mentioned on the report must be obtained. Reports of attacks on or by WW villages or attacks involving Building Plans or Artefacts belonging to WW holders are excluded from this rule.
    You are now permitted to post battle reports without censoring them.

    May the odds be ever in your favor


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    I'm glad to finally see this happen. I remember the arguments a few years ago that eventually resulted in the restriction dropping for WW reports.
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    This is for real? On all servers, normal and speed?

    Absolutely wicked.

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    I will never attack anybody in this game again, lol. God forbid, I am tired and make a mistake. The whole server will laugh at me. I will end my Travian career in shame and total embarrassment.

    FYI - I am #1 attacker on us4 right now, rofl.

    Time to go anvil. At least my ign will be never disclosed, lol.
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    We don't laugh at our own mistakes CatManDo, and you being on our team means we won't laugh if you make a mistake. **** happens and we know that, hell i've made plenty of mistakes and got my butt laughed at.

    But c'mon, whats a server without some good ole drama and propaganda.

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