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    I haven't played travian in several years, and I cannot locate an answer to this anywhere. Wasn't there a way to check the alliance attack log and identify the yellow sword reports (where the attacker lost troops) or any other specific type? I thought if you just change a number in the website address it gave it to you, but maybe I'm remembering wrong.
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    Yes.. but it seems to be bugged (at least on RoA). The way it is supposed to work is you click the icon on a report to only see reports like that (e.g. click a yellow sword attack to see only yellow sword attacks).
    But you can still get there by editing the url as you mentioned.

    The parameter you want to change is filter=
    The basic url ends in /allianz.php?s=3
    add &filter= with one of the following numbers:

    1 green swords
    2 yellow swords
    3 red swords
    4 green shields
    5 yellow shields
    6 red shields
    7 grey shields
    15 green offensive scout reports
    16 yellow offensive scout reports
    17 red offensive scout reports
    18 green defensive scout reports
    19 yellow defensive scout reports
    31 all offense reports
    32 all defense reports
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