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Thread: Halloween Banner Contest

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    Default Halloween Banner Contest

    Dear players,

    Lend us a hand in giving our forums spooky look! This year's Halloween contest is your chance to showcase your work to a whole world of players!

    To participate, simply create a Halloween-themed banner and send it, with the subject [US]Halloween
    After we get all the winning banners from each of the participating communities, we will display them on our official Facebook page and select the best one; the wining banner will be displayed on the header of 10 of our international forums.

    Please adhere to the following rules:
    1. Create a banner (or “forum header”) with a Halloween theme for our [GAME NAME] forums.
    2. Your work needs to be submitted in .PNG format and the size should be 542x200 pixels.
    3. The background of the banner should be transparent.
    4. If you fill the complete background with an image or graphic, you will need to put a frame around your banner. Otherwise it will be unsuitable for the forum header.
    5. Should you violate trademark laws or infringe copyrights in any way, we will not be able to accept your banner.
    6. You may only submit one image per player to, with the subject [US]Halloween. .
    7. You can submit your banner until October 29th and the local banner will be selected then.
    8. From among the local wining banners, we will select the finalists that will be posted on Facebook on October 30th and the winning entry will be displayed on the international forums on the day of Halloween.

    • 1st place: 300 Gold + Facebook showcase
    • 2nd place: 150 Gold

    Final winner:
    • You get to show off your work in 10 international forums for Travian:Legends
    • 600 Gold on a game world of your choice

    We’re looking forward to receiving your banner entries!

    Your US Travian:Legends Team

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    No one from the US domain submitted an entry so no one got the gold prizes from this domain.

    The game center elected a global winner banner and it was created by Atlheo from the polish domain.

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