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Thread: Back after many years

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    Default Back after many years


    I used to play Travian, and used a ton of hours on it many years ago. I guess it was back in 2008/2009, when i was studying.

    It's many years ago, so i was wondering what has changed since then?

    What would you say is better about the game now than then (or maybe just 1-2 years ago )

    Maybe i will be back again soon!

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    Way too many changes! Game is nothing like before.

    Do you remember which server you played or your ign? I'm curious as that was about the time I started playing-2008.

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    You don't need to know


    I think most of us started out by playing at that time .. Even I started playing in 2008
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    Hmmm maybe i just have to try it out again :-)

    I mostly played on the fast DK server. Were in top10 on that server for a bit, so focused on that one. Do not remember my ign on any of the servers i played.

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