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    I find it pretty annoying that such players take nice croppers and such and then they get banned. It's worse than not being there at all. And I've never seen one come back to play somehow. Neither becoming a grey village (natar). I suggest removing them from the map, or even better, let us raid or conquer them; the game already suffers from lack of players, we don't need this extra problem. Natars taking over them might be a good thing.

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    Discussion of bans or banned players is not permitted however in this instance I will provide a response before locking the thread.

    A ban is not a punishment, it is merely a method of freezing a players account while an investigation takes place into an alleged offence. Once a player is banned they are directed by InfoBox to contact the Multihunter to discuss the issue that resulted in the ban. In some instances the player then receives a punishment as set by HQ in others the player is perminantly blocked from the server.

    Where a player is banned and then goes inactive the server software will after a set period (dependant on size, age and other factors) either remove the player or turn them into natars. This is not something that Customer Service have any control over as its hard coded.

    In the case of multi accounts generally all except one account is set to delete by the MH, this then triggers the waiting period before the server coding removes them or turns them to natars.

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