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    Dear Players

    HQ have announced that they need to carry out essential updates to the TG Loadbalencers.

    This will cause outage on all games, Domains, Forums and Support systems.

    The outage will occur for a number of 5 min periods on

    Wednesday 7th December 2016 Between 0200 - 0300 EST.


    Your Travian:Legends Team

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    On USX:
    Unable to NPC resources
    Hero Items are missing
    Map function doesn't work
    Can't send resources from the marketplace
    auto-complete for village names not working
    unable to send raids from farm list

    [update] Apparently it's just players outside of the US having problems. Players inside the US are able to use all functions of Travian.

    Will add more as I come across them.

    [edit] 9:58am and all functions appear to be working normally again.
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    Not quite sure how that's relevant to loadbalence maintenance that doesn't happen until tomorrow.

    Please report any ingame issues to the multihunter or use the bugs forum.

    It sounds like you need to clear your cookies and cache (if you haven't already)

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    We got the 'site undergoing maintenance' this morning and right afterward many players were having problems. I don't know who/what/why there was maintenance this morning... just was reporting the problems so they could be fixed asap.

    Don't shoot the messenger.

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