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Thread: Dear New Posters of GONE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Bane View Post
    I wonder if he seriously doesn't get that he can push people away. I supported him. He blocked me. You supported him. He slanders you. Then he's confused and pouting in Skype "I don't know why they genuinely hate me."
    I doubt it he does.. I am a very easy going guy, and was even "friends" with him on facebook, but I don't take kindly to people saying I lied..
    s1 : Storeythor
    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    Gotta be talented to look after 2 WW's simultaneously. Or crazy... Crazy seems more like it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gressor2 View Post
    The more I read of OdinLoki's posts, the more I want to play alongside him. Not for the results, as frequently good as they are, but for the sheer fun he seems to have at it. Would + rep if I could, man. Always enjoy reading your stuff... and mostly cringe at the results contained in 'em.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chas00 View Post
    Storeythor,most offensive/defensive account holder on the server.
    Quote Originally Posted by bugzy View Post
    He's a nut and the more the odds are stacked against him, the better he seems to come out of it.

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    This seems to be a recurring issue with Luisssss. He says people call him Lying Luisssss, yet he's called me a liar and now you. Who's next Luisssss? Are you going through leadership claiming we're liars, or are you just gonna work your way through the whole alliance? You may have a very serious problem on your hands if you keep calling people liars. Another thing worth mentioning. You always demand proof. So YOUR proof is your listening comprehension on a phone call? Did you perhaps record it? No? Then that is NOT proof. If you plan to slander people you should have something powerful to back yourself up with. Not your memory of a phone call.

    I can tell you this much without any proof needed. He would NEVER EVER state exactly how many hammers were in the alliance. Not even YOU would be so stupid. Hell, not even I would be that stupid.

    The more you post on here the lower your credibility goes. You may want to stop while you're....well, you're certainly not ahead anymore. Just stop before you completely destroy yourself. It's actually becoming painful to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Siln View Post
    Most of the people here are not mean, vindictive trolls.
    Quote Originally Posted by Siln View Post
    When enough people say you are posting stupid things, consider that you may indeed be posting stupid things.
    Quote Originally Posted by Siln View Post
    Your arguments are very often circular. Now while this may be fine for you, it is not enough to convince logical and analytical people that those views are correct.
    All said to Luisss years ago. I could spend the rest of this round just picking up old rebuttals for his circular logic and repetitive trolling.

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