Alliance Introduction Do's & Don't's

The following 2 posts are examples of how you might like to introduce yourself or your Alliance. Remember that they are examples only, and don't try and contact me about recruitment please!

Some key hints:

  • Make your post eyecatching - try using an image as a heading - does your alliance have a logo you could use?
  • Make your post clear - use bold and underlining to mark different sections - but not too much or your post looks too busy.
  • Remember to give contact details for people interested in joining you/offering you a place in their alliance.
  • For players - include some detail about yourself, your Travian achievements and the kind of alliance you want - you really need to sell yourself - what makes YOU stand out?
  • For alliances - make your requirements for membership clear and concise, and sell yourself - why should people join YOU?
  • Sound as professional as you can - it sounds petty, but correct spelling and grammar will make your post seem more professional and make it easier to read and much more attractive.
  • Don't be scared to have fun and be a little quirky - people want to see your personality or your alliance style, not just dry facts.

Alliance Introduction Example


Alliance name: TraVian
Alliance tag: TV

TraVian: are YOU as addicted as us?

We are building our villages and dominating the North-East of the server. We are an offensive Alliance which will fight to the end! Our members are aggressive, but know how to defend themselves too. Our goal is server domination and winning the Wonder of the World.

What do we expect from you?

  1. Your population is around the average of the Alliance.
  2. Your villages are settled in the North-East.
  3. You are a very active player.
  4. You have at least one sitter.
  5. You are active on the forum.
  6. You are not afraid of a war! You will help other members, no matter what it costs.
  7. You have experience playing Travian.
  8. You are not currently being farmed.

What do we offer?
  1. A external forum.
  2. Support.
  3. Fun.
  4. Action.
  5. Lots of trading inside the Alliance.
  6. Good (legal!) tools and many nice competitions (on the forum).

The recruiters:
  • Recruiter A
  • Recruiter B

If you want to join, send them an IGM with a clear message in English containing the following information:

  1. Your population.
  2. Your motivation.
  3. Your tribe and why you chose that tribe.
  4. What makes you so special that we want to have you in our Alliance?
  5. Your current armies.
  6. Do you have experience from other servers and if yes - please specify which one(s).
  7. What is your playing style? (aggressive, defensive, neutral).

Make sure you send the message in correctly written English!

Kind regards,


Player Introduction Example


My name is Drillbit. I'm an aggressive player on the new S1 and I'm looking for a new alliance.

My information and statistics on S3:
  • I have a population of 454.
  • I have 2 villages
  • My tribe is Teuton. I chose that tribe because I love to raid.
  • My attack-ranking is 753 and my defensive-rank is 1359.
  • My online time: I play 24/7 of course!

In an alliance I would offer support with my army and resources whenever the alliance needs me.
I'm especially looking for an alliance which is planning to go for the win on UKx!

The latest servers I have played
A list of the servers I have played on:
  • ukx, Round 3 - Nickname: Drillbit. Rank when server ended: 2260
  • uk2, Round 1 - Nickname: Drillbit. Rank when server ended: 1567

Functions I have experience with
I'm especially good at recruiting. I have experience with this on the last 2 servers I have played on.

Some info about me:
I'm 28, and I've been playing Travian for 10 years now. I just love the game, love to raid and love to do well. I enjoy working as part of a strong team.

If you are interested recruiting me:
Send me an IGM - my IGN is "Drillbit"

Kind regards,

Example thanks to Infusion. Translated by ToySoldier and Alratan, adapted for the UK forum by El Ryano.
Please note - the information provided is fictitious (I was never that good in game!)