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Thread: Where is the server 2 huggle room?

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    Default Where is the server 2 huggle room?

    Anyone out there know where the server 2 Skype huggle room is? If you do, lets get this thing fired up.

    If you don't know what the huggle room is. You want to know.

    EDIT: I was added to the original s2 huggle room. Not many participants. Looks like a new room may be in order.
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    Thanks JM for this post.
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    Well played JoshMonster.

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    Iam in the original as well and I can't even find it. If you do find a new one, or the old one has dialogue, let me know.

    Current Servers:

    s4 Mr. Poopypants
    s1 Old Timer
    s2-Banana Hammock

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