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Thread: multihunter captured a ww, is this normal?

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    Default multihunter captured a ww, is this normal?

    today i seen this
    its from current server at endgame. server is running for 248 days and as you can see multihunter account captured a WW village just today. i want to know if this is normal
    can someone please explain this ?
    is it part of that changes made in 4.4 version says natar will build a ww of its own and such or what?
    thank you

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    It is not normal for Multihunters to take a WW. In fact this is the first time I have seen this happen.
    The Natar WW is a different village altogether, i.e., the Natar Capital. If it had started there would be 14 WWs. You should contact the Customer Services Representative of .IR domain (

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    thank you very much. i sure will do that
    it's first time for me seeing that too.
    multihunter account on that server was not banned as usual from start of the server and it grows in pop! but this WW capturing was unique

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    In all my years I have never seen anything like it lol ... The MH must have been tired of everyone's sh** that he/she decided to take matters into his/her own hands ROFL!!!
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    Aw, you shouldn't have.
    Don't you have a hole to die in?

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    Either that, or for some reason a player was able to create an account called Multihunter.

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    MH account technically does not need to be banned now. It is only used by HQ for testing things since the MH use external tools to manage the server. The account is really just a legacy thing left over from previous versions.

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    LOL, I already like that server, something with a twist. But I doubt that MH would stay there that long

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