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Thread: Torrenal's Maps are back? (kinda)

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    Cool Torrenal's Maps are back? (kinda)

    Well, most of you probably don't know who Torrenal is, or don't know what maps are, and you probably have no clue what the two together mean. (Well.... you probably know what maps are, but if I wager everyone you don't know who Torrenal is I'll come out vastly ahead).

    I'm Torrenal, and I'm looking at this Travain thing again and thinking "You know, I can do my maps a bit better, definitely faster.... maybe even set up a site to serve up maps on demand and crank out threat tables...or something.

    Well, starting from scratch again, I was able to crank out a basic map of a server.
    This map shows All Of The Players.
    Yes, all of them.

    If you just said: "It'd just be a blob on a map", you sir or ma'am, are correct!

    It'd be a blob on a map. But the trick is in how you present the blob.
    Here's All The Players on
    (Apologies, it's a big server, so it gets a big map...)

    That NE quadrant has been getting extra sunlight or something, man, look at them go.

    So next up is it setting up a server for them... or something?

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    Default Johnson chemin

    Ok, I'll be honest, the blob isn't all that flashy...
    Since this is the US forum, lets try a couple (cropped) maps from a US server, thiat might even stand a chance of being useful to someone...

    Alliance GONE:

    Alliance BTDT:

    And the comparison, showing what parts of the map each has effective control over:

    The neat bit about this map, is where the two alliances overlap, only the stronger one is shown, which is why BTDT doesn't really show in the NW quadrant here.

    I think I'd be putting my money on GONE there...


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    (Hmm... still no feedback. I wonder if anybody from the Fruits Meta of years ago is still around to recognize these...)

    From, the all-players view is a little more interesting, and I give it a different view. First my classic 'stellar-nebula' style:

    And then putting some focus on it, using colors more appropriate for Travian:

    And showing PRIME. in green and TVE in red (er pink?)

    Sure beats those maps that are just a scattering of dots or boxes on a grid.
    It looks like I'll need to sit down and redo coloring properly, as it is currently the large 'hole' in playeres centered near 0x0 doesn't show on the map with the white background, and neither the green nor red get as dark as I'd like them.

    It looks like has proper meta-alliances going - I don't have a view into the server currently, but if meta alliances were spelled out for me I could do variant on these maps... My read of the server age is the variant will probably reveal a point of debate for the participants on the server. Oh, the PRIME meta looks clear enough from the alliance names, but I don't know that it'd be fair to try posting the plot for just one of the metas.

    (For the record - colors are evil. I say this as a devout colorblind individual.)

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