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Thread: New round

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    Default New round

    Good luck everyone. Stay classy.

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    :P Or not.

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    us servers are amazing. awesome. tremendous, just tremendous.

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    Default Down a few quarts

    The gene pool is empty ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
    Stay classy.
    This is beyond my pay grade..
    s1 : Storeythor
    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    Gotta be talented to look after 2 WW's simultaneously. Or crazy... Crazy seems more like it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gressor2 View Post
    The more I read of OdinLoki's posts, the more I want to play alongside him. Not for the results, as frequently good as they are, but for the sheer fun he seems to have at it. Would + rep if I could, man. Always enjoy reading your stuff... and mostly cringe at the results contained in 'em.
    Quote Originally Posted by Chas00 View Post
    Storeythor,most offensive/defensive account holder on the server.
    Quote Originally Posted by bugzy View Post
    He's a nut and the more the odds are stacked against him, the better he seems to come out of it.

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    Wait, you get paid to play Travian? How do I get in on that?

    Are you on us3, Greg?

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    I hope he is.

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