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Thread: Distance Calculator (NEW 2017.)

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    Lightbulb Distance Calculator (NEW 2017.)

    Hello players!

    I would like to introduce you new distance calculator page that can help you in future for your planning.
    Check it out and tell what you think..


    What it looks like:

    planner slika.jpg

    * I would like admin approval for this, so it can guarantee this is not breaking any game rules and Travian Games GmbH conditions.*

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    It _looks_ shiny, but -- take this as coming from someone in the software design world:
    Two items caught my attention
    • The entry of the arrival date is non-intuitive.
      I don't know if entering a date as 3/4/17 counts as March 4th or April 3rd - are the dates MMDDYY or DDMMYY. Oh, I can figure that out, but it should either be spelled out by the UI Labels - 'Arrival Date DD/MM/YY' or spelled out by the UI Inputs directly - say, by making the month use the names of months.
    • The distance calc looks like it may have a quirk. Would have been an issue on the one server I played on back when, but I'm not so sure about servers today. Perhaps they play by different rules?
      By my estimate, on a 1x server, a catapult attacking (350|350) from (-350|-350) would take... traveling at 3 fields an hour... just under 2 days to make the trip. Your page is telling me it'd be just short of 94 hours.

      The world is a torus, it has no edges. (0|400) is adjacent to (0|-400)

    Last edited by torrenal; 02-08-2017 at 04:05 AM. Reason: Fix my math (calculating distances by hand is hard when you're rusty

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