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Thread: The builders Day 4

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    Default Day 4

    He has one sister and one brother.

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    Lucius has 3 brothers and three sisters. (at least that is a correct answer because that would give his sister 4 brothers and two sisters.)

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    Assuming of course the minimum number of siblings is being looked for, the number of brothers and sisters Lucius has is three each, so three brothers and three sisters.

    I'm just wondering how many people are accidently going to put 4 brothers and 3 sisters...

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    Lucius has 3 brothers and 3 sisters

    Allowing his sister to have twice as many brothers than sisters

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    He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters

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    Default The Builders Day 4 Brothers and Sisters

    Lucius has 3 brothers and 3 sisters

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    Default Answer

    [QUOTE=CM M.Hudson;2800094]
    The builders Day 4
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    "And so, our troops marched off to the Gaul village and guess what? Those barbarians didn't leave a single soldier to defend their village! There were almost no citizens too. But, we decided to destroy the village just to prove a point. This will force them to move further to the north. And those Gaul troops didn't even arrive at our village. They either got lost or maybe decided not to attack because their village has already been destroyed." Lucius Tarquinius Lepidus shared the latest news with his friend Mark Atilius.
    "Wow, that's an amazing victory! And without any losses!" the caravan driver jumped in excitement.
    "Yes, no losses at all," the architect confirmed. Then he suddenly chuckled and added: "If, of course, we don't count our dearest quaestor Quint Oppius Sabius."
    "What could possibly happen to him on such an uneventful raid?" Atilius looked surprised.
    "He drank too much wine and went walking through the camp, stumbled and broke his leg," replied Tarquinius.
    "And I guess he'll be dismissed now from his position for this kind of behavior?" inquired the caravan driver.
    The chief architect frowned and didn't say a word.
    "No," he replied after a long pause. "He's the son of our prefect. And he became quaestor in the first place because of that fact. And not because of his 'outstanding' skills and expert knowledge."
    "Oh..." that was all Mark Atilius could say.
    "Hah, Mark," the architect continued. "If only you knew how the Empire is changing because of such 'sons'..."
    The place fell silent.
    "Our family, though one of patricians, is used to achieving everything with our own minds." Tarquinius broke the silence again: "My brothers and I... We all serve the Emperor well and were respected for that by the people of Rome."
    "Oh!" This time Mark gasped with respect. "And how many brothers and sisters have you got?"
    "I have an equal number of brothers and sisters," the architect smiled. "But my sister has twice as many brothers than sisters."

    Task: How many brothers and sisters does Lucius have?

    Lucius has 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

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    He has one brother and one sister

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    Default Three

    3 sisters and 3 brothers

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    Task: How many brothers and sisters does Lucius have?
    Lucius says – My brothers and I, so he has more than one brother.
    The correct answer that matches the task is that he has 3 sisters and 3 brothers.
    His sister, in turn, has 4 brothers and 2 sisters.

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