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    Dear players,

    on Wednesday 15th March at 1900 EST (00:00 GMT 16/3/17) our new special server US 20 will start on the US domain.

    It will be a "Travian: Rise of Alliances" X2 server.

    Travian Games is excited to tell you all about the second round of Travian: Rise of Alliances! Once again, we invite you to an ancient world for you to explore - based on an original map of Europe. Your goal is simple, but difficult to reach: Gather your friends, form powerful alliances and lay siege on regions, scavenge powerful artifacts that will empower your team and generates Victory Points. Weaker artifacts earn you more points than more powerful ones.

    To get started, your first village comes with level 10 resource fields and everything you can imagine to settle your first two villages right away. In the beginning, however, settling is limited to central regions, offering a fast-paced, dynamic game play.

    Collecting and sharing resources with your alliance grants unique and crucial bonuses that will help you in thrilling battles to conquer regions, villages and resources!

    More information about the special can be found on the Travian Blog:

    Intoduction of the annual special

    Core features

    Alliance bonus

    Balancing changes

    Pre-registration opens on 13th March 2017

    Your Travian: Legends Team US

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    There has been some confusion over the Rise of Alliances Pushing/Raid Protection.

    Pushing Protection

    Since the quickstart means way more resources are in the game, we had to rethink pushing protection. The revised version works on a per-village basis and limits the amount of resources that can be stolen or transferred to 20% of the village's daily production.

    • This pushing protection applies to all types of connection (same PC, same IP, different IPs)

    • The amount of resources that can be sent per village will be reset once a day, at the same time as the daily quests. The daily production is also updated at that time.

    • The pushing protection is based on the daily production of a village. Please keep in mind that you now may get an error message when trying to send resources from one village, while you may still be able to send resources from a different village.

    • Though you might need to reconsider your farm strategy, we believe that this change will make the game more balanced and fun.

    Your Travian:Legends Team

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    Is this a 2X server?
    s4r2 - ABT
    s4r3 - AXE
    s4r4 - ROAR
    s5r3 - Pack

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    Yes this is a 2x server

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    How many days does this server last?
    s4r2 - ABT
    s4r3 - AXE
    s4r4 - ROAR
    s5r3 - Pack

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    140 days
    CM M.Hudson
    Community Manager
    Travian: Legends US/UK


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