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    The builders Conclusion and winners announcement


    Finally, Mark Atilius arrived at the place where the treasures were hidden according to the lost legion commander's diary. He already dug a deep hole in the earth but still couldn't find any signs of treasure. Nevertheless, the former caravan driver didn't lose hope just yet as he kept working hard. Suddenly he heard a quiet humming from outside. Mark raised his eyes and saw a very old man who was looking with great interest at what he had been doing.
    "Young man, may I ask, what are you doing here?" the old man asked.
    "There is nothing more useful for health than regular exercise in the fresh air," Mark couldn't think of a better answer.
    "Nice try," the old man nodded in good humor, "the air in your hole is really fresh, Id say. But just keep in mind that the lost legion's gold is not here."
    "Not here?" burst the caravan driver.
    "Yes, you won't find it here," the man nodded again. "And it never was here in the first place."
    "How come?" Mark looked in astonishment and took out the old scroll. "But the diary says..."
    "Oh, you have my diary? Let me see," the old man laughed in excitement.
    "YOUR DIARY?" the caravan driver looked at the old man in sheer amazement.
    "This is a long story..." the man dug deep into his thoughts, but after some time he suddenly continued. "Listen, maybe you will buy me a good glass of wine? And I can tell you the end of the story about the lost legion."
    "...and then the convoy arrived, telling us that our town had been conquered by a nearby Gaul ruler and he had announced that we should immediately be sent to the scaffold on our return," the former councilor of the lost legion ended his story. "And the gold?" "The gold is actually here!"
    "Where?" Mark Atilius looked puzzled.
    "Here, around you!" the old man pointed around him. "We used this gold to build our city, from the first stone to the last roof tile. But, we may have some gold left. What do you think is the best use for it?"
    The caravan driver didn't hesitate long.
    "You know, some time ago my friend, the chief architect, told me that wit, logic and strategical thinking are often underestimated in this Empire. Let's give it away to those who helped us solve all the tasks that allowed me to come here. And me? Im already one of the richest men in the world, every road of the whole Empire belongs to me and I am free to go wherever I want. Who knows, maybe we'll meet again some time soon! Good bye, commander of the lost and found legion! And may the Gods save your new city!"
    And the caravan driver went on his way along one of the famous Roman roads into the sunset, looking for new adventures.
    The end.

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    Over All Winners

    The following took part and correctly answered every quest and each win
    150 gold


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