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    Looking at the main stat page, trying to figure out if anything is happening, and where. Trying to keep it short,

    Empire-E - just 15 players, 1201 avg. #14 attack, #15 defense
    US - 30 accounts, avg 1169. #6 attack, #7 defense
    Veil – 32 accts, avg 555. #12 attack, defense?

    Deathrow – 22 accts, avg 1095, #9 attack, #2 defender
    Empire – 56 accts, avg 1199, #1 attack, #5 defense

    D&TTA – 58 accts, avg 1335, #3 attack but only half of #1 or #2, top defender
    D&TTA2 – 22 accts, avg 587, #7 attack, #4 defense

    HB – 36 accts, avg 1367, #2 attack, #6 defense
    EmpireNE – 49 accts, avg 1067, #10 attack, #9 defense
    TBN – 20 accts, avg 1912, #4 attack, #8 defense

    MARINES alliance has only one player but they are the #5 attacking alliance. That’s kind of cool. MARINES is also the #3 defender. Must be a tough neighborhood. EmpireSE has one account too, and is #8. The one account in EmpireSE has 10000 more attack points than the 49 accounts in EmpireNE combined. Wow. The #11 attack alliance is WDYM, with only two accounts. Busy, busy, busy.

    So except for a few outliers it is pretty much in line. The top two attacking alliances are Empire and HB. They each have twice as many points as the #3 and lower alliances, so they have been doing some whacking, even if it is mostly rats. Hard to find much else to whack on this early in the game.

    Population-wise there isn’t much to note. The smaller alliances have fewer accounts, and the accounts are generally smaller. One outlier is TBN, fifth in pop but with the highest average in the server at 1917.

    OK, so what's happening?

    So how did D&TTA and 2 get to be number 1 and 4 defenders? There doesn’t seem to be anyone else in their quad. Are they getting punished by some rogue hooligans? Hard to see a big fight happening in the NW.

    The SE might be a fun-to-watch slapfest. US and Veil should have some fun, after they divvy up Empire-E

    Not surprising to see the top attacker and the #2 defender in the same quad. The main Empire account should be able to consolidate in the SW, unless they contract Excess Leadership Syndrome. Deathrow faces a challenge, but hey, that’s what makes it fun, right?

    Finally in the NE, as it always seems to be, there is the chance of drama. After one of the quickest SPQR implosions witnessed in the modern age, the remnants have organized themselves, and are putting up some respectable numbers. EmpireNE needs to recruit the account in EmpireSE, or maybe just move to the SE. It will be interesting to see what TBN decides to do. Pulled together well after server start, they're fewer in number, but have some strong raiders and ratkillers.

    So, OK:

    There are several alliances with pretty good numbers that should make for a decent game once arties drop and we can get on with some carnage.

    At this point all there is to talk about are the stats. The arty tally will show us a lot, but that's 50 days away.

    Don't be shy - I'm sure I missed a lot, so pile in.
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    Added rep for the post wheelman, thank you!

    So for those that don't know, I am on the Blank account from TBN. For those of you who I have chatted with already, hello. For those of you I have not, hello to you as well.

    I have chatted with leadership from a few alliances, and their membership, so I will give you my impression and how we view it from TBN.

    SouthEast: As a quad, not too worried about it right now. Let them figure it out. I know US felt betrayed by RabbidRabbit the Master Imploder and vowed to take on SPQR. Well, they are gone now so now I am not sure what they are up to. I would assume locking down their quad. Viel and Empire-E I know little about.

    SouthWest: Again, not much knowledge here. Have not had any contact with Deathrow, or Empire really for that matter. I think this will be the quad with the most tension as I don't think Bruce is going to let DR just chill. Opposite side of the map so no concern for us right now.

    NorthWest: Talked with a few people in DEMONS and TTA and they all have good things to say about this group. Very organized and one to watch. Personally on friendly terms with a few members. Someone TBN will be watching, respectfully.

    NorthEast: HB is a decent group, on friendly terms with a few members. Empire-NE I know nothing about, have never talked to anyone from that wing. Take it as you will, but I think Empire-NE might be the group that comes up short in the NE. I won't gush here about TBN.

    In reply to "what's happening":

    I know there is some action between someone and D&TTA, is it Empire? I think it might be. I know of some hits between HB and D&TTA. Seems like some of the people on the edge of the quads are skirmishing. I will be interested to see how the other quads shake out.

    I agree that Empire needs to consolidate into one area. They are getting a little bit of the "meta syndrome" where they are too spread out.

    The NE will be interesting, just because there are multiple groups in the "vicinity". Since my account is close to the NE/NW border I see some D&TTA creeping into the NW, Empire in the NE and HB. I think the border skirmishes will happen so there is multiple alliances within striking range of each other in the NE.

    **I won't go into too much about TBN on the boards here, if you are interested to know more about us you can contact me directly in game. What I will say is we are just chilling. We want to play hard and have fun. As I said I am on friendly terms with leadership of a few alliances on this write up, but that does not mean we are allies. I have been asked for NAPs and Confeds from many alliances and I have told every one the same thing, we are just doing our thing. What I have stressed inside our group and to everyone from other alliances who contact us, we want to play fair and honorably. It is not words that mean anything but actions. If we have an issue we will bring it to the group in question and you will know our troops are coming. We are all really relaxed folks but know how to play the game. I hope I do a good job portraying our group to those who talk to me and hope maybe someone from another alliance who has chatted with me in game can back me up.

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    I'll give my two cents, but I'd like to see some input from some other alliances as well. This forum is horrifyingly one-sided.

    SE: No one in the SE seems very organized. It's kinda a mess. US definitely seems like the most solid alliance down there. Though, while playing on the last us4, Vanilla's leadership role was this: take control of KtK, recruit literally everyone, then promptly get banned. He seems like a decent player, just a bit over zealous on recruiting and supposedly rule-bending. We'll see if anything comes of the SE.

    SW: I know nothing about the SE. It's so far away. Looks like some scary accounts in the mix in Empire, though Deathrow look ready to put up a fight. Lots of experienced players on there from the last us4, including Tivity and WolfKing, and maybe a few others if I'm guessing identities right. Could be a good group.

    NW: D&TTA are a bit of an enigma. They seem to have some decent leadership, but they blobbed up the whole quad so quickly. While not necessarily a bad thing, blobbing seems to go bad more often than it goes well. Some solid accounts on there, I'm also curious who's been giving them def points. Wouldn't be surprised to hear HB or Empire. Someone please bring us some news!

    NE: I know a lot of HB from previous servers. They've got some solid players in there. They will definitely be a contender. The only true mid-size alliance, and built decently well, with fewer weak links than the other alliances. Somehow, I've interacted very little with them up to this point though. I'm expecting a lot. EmpireNE, seems a little weak in terms of team spirit, those I've talked with seem to know what they're doing individually but the alliance seems a little directionless. We'll just have to wait and see what comes of them. Will they hold together or fade out once the fight begins?

    A quick reaction:
    MARINES alliance has only one player but they are the #5 attacking alliance. That’s kind of cool. MARINES is also the #3 defender. Must be a tough neighborhood. EmpireSE has one account too, and is #8.
    Good ol' cyric. Bailed on my alliance last minute last round. I laughed a little when I saw *** (also in my alliance on us4) and cyric leading together in SPQR, knew it couldn't end well. I can only assume he had something to do with it (all speculation, someone please confirm or deny). That or when cyric bailed on Empire after bailing on SPQR.
    edit 2: Wait, I just checked getter. MARINES used to be second Empire wing. It appears cyric may have actually had very little to do with it.

    (edit: lol the leader of HB's name is blocked in the forums. Makes sense though, I guess)

    Overall, I think the players going into the artis phase will be Empire, D&TTA, HB, probably DeathRow, and of course TBN. If Empire wants to hold onto it's wings, it needs to figure out how to get organized, as the wings seem to be a bit directionless. If D&TTA can find a way to keep up interest with no enemies to fight in their quad, they are the most or second most prepared large alliance in the long haul. HB has a lot of flexibility at this point in how they want to play this game, and are in a great position the grow into the artis phase, though the NE is a little cramped. TBN is one of the smallest in players, but every player is either a serious threat or a serious anvil. There are no weak points, so it'll be interesting to see how larger alliances approach their dealings with TBN.

    I was gonna be all secretive about what alliance I'm in, but no one on the forums is speaking up for any alliance other than TBN so it seemed a little pointless. Oh well. (someone else please talk to me, I crave attention )
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    Thanks for your post Armour. We love all aspects of the game, including the forums.

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    I'm EmpereurDuSale from D&TTA and i will answer the question why we have so many defensive points.
    We had some problems with Empire and HB, some real attacks but we defended ourselves against these attacks. I think it could explain why we have many defensive points and why Empire and HB have quite a few offensive points.

    If you have questions about us i will answer you with pleasure !

    EmpereurDuSale - Vodka
    (PS : Come from France, sorry for my english)

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    Does anyone have an update to this thread? I apologize - I admit that I rarely pay enough attention to other quads on servers to do one myself.

    I will say that it's been fairly quiet, and I think there must be some good players simming up troops. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of hammer numbers this server will produce.

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    30 days before artefacts, we can have maybe a new analyse of the different quads ?

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