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Thread: Tons of new features are coming!

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    Default Tons of new features are coming!

    #1 - Spring is the season of renewal, rebirth and change. With that in mind, we at Travian are happy to announce a lot of new features and changes across the board. Be it on our gaming servers, our forums or when it comes to Special Events change is all around.

    We will begin by relaunching the Travian website: A new, responsive design, that will adapt to your smartphone, tablet or computer is just around the corner. We cannot wait to show you our new page and are confident you will like the new look.


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    #2 - Yet, we will not stop there. We love our forums’ friendly community but it is time to give this wonderful place a new look and the functionality it deserves, so we are going to relaunch our forums as well as our website.


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    #3 - When planning our special events, like Rise of Alliances, we tend to try out new ideas. Some of those prove to be very successful and popular among you, our players. During Rise of Alliances, the alliance donation system and the defense point distribution system became so popular, that we decided to include them in every upcoming servers of Travian: Legends. You read that right: If you will join a new server of Travian: Legends in the future, you will experience a more complex gameplay.

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    #4 - Since we want you to enjoy Travian with as many friends as possible, we are also making it more attractive to invite other players: The rewards for successful invites will be higher, easier to obtain and now the new players will also get a reward. And once you play together on another server, these rewards can be obtained again -- even without the hassle of reinviting!

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    #5 - In June, we will start the next iteration of the Travian Tournament. This time around, Turkey, Russia, France and Germany will be the host countries. Qualification will again take place on two international servers, one in English and one for our Arabic friends.

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    #6 - We kept the most exciting news for last. Travian has been about the struggle between Gauls, Romans and Teutons for a long time but the world of Travian is about to become a whole lot bigger. To celebrate our birthday on the 5 th of September this year, we will introduce two entirely new playable tribes: The mighty builders from Egypt and the nomadic Huns on their fast horses. You read that right: Our birthday special this year will feature five playable tribes.


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    As you can see: 2017 has a lot of surprises waiting for you. What do you think about our plans? Any comments, favorites? We would love to hear from you in our discussion thread

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    #7 One of our today’s post is a fake. Which one?

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