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  • Raid unoccupied oases

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  • Attack independent Natar villages

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Thread: Discussion: Oases vs Natars

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    Default Discussion: Oases vs Natars

    Dear players! We invite you to take part in this small poll about the game.
    Question: What is better option for the player on early stages of the game if he needs some extra resources?

    - Raid unoccupied oases
    - Attack independent Natar villages

    Please, leave your comments in the thread. What would be your choice? Maybe itís worth doing something completely different?
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    Usually there are more oases than there are natar villages so that would make it more useful.

    However you need to potentially invest more resources in clearing oases than you would microraiding natars. It depends on more scenarios than just deciding one strategy is best. It depends what your neighbors are doing, are they farming oases as well? Where will I be able to get the most resources from efficiently?

    I wont vote for either since they can both be valuable in their own ways.

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    ^I concur

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    Even though it was not on the Game Centers instructions I have added an option for both as important
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    I believe that in the earliest stage of the game, during the rush to village 2, natars are undeniably the better option.

    With the way the game is set up now, you've got to be foolish or very very very smart not to sim your way to village 2. Assuming you choose to sim, you will acquire a few troops based solely upon tasks given by the task master and as quest rewards but it will never be enough to clear an oasis. That being said, natars will not have troops that early and are considered a safe raid so they are more important for getting those free resources where oasises would be dead troops with little to no reward.

    That being said, natars are so rare during that early of the game that it's purely luck of the draw who gets to be next to them.
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    RoA made natars a much better choice, since they all had level 10 fields. Oases (at least clay and iron) are good choices to get hero xp, natars are where you get resources. Of course that's simply due to the different methods of spawning troops. Under the old oasis rules (pre 2012), oases were great for farming.
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