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    The title says it all. Who's here? Is the server worth playing?
    Calling out weak trolling since December 2012

    S1 R6 - Caesarum R7 - Carni R8 - Phantom
    S2 R8 - Storeythor
    S4 R8 - Carni
    S5 R5 - Blackbird R7 - BBC
    S8 R2 - Eazykills
    S19 R1 - Seba18

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    Nope. Just me.
    us5r1: Justinian (BS)
    us7r1: Domitian (CM-BS)
    us5r2: Justinian (KoN-FUSE) *win
    us4r3: Trajan (RC) *win
    us5r3: Justinian (KoN) *win
    us2r4: Buzz Lightyear (PD) *WW
    us5r4: Justinian (KoN) *win
    us5r5: Justinian (Bacon)
    us3r7: ??? (TL;DR) *win, #1 account
    us19: Atom Ant (H&V) *win

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