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Thread: First Analysis of whatever round this is

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    Default First Analysis of whatever round this is

    Alright guys bare with me since its been quite a little while since I've put together one of these things.

    I know it's a little early yet for a quad analysis given meta's, break ups, mergers, etc. Quads are still forming their teams for a few more weeks yet. But I figured why not jumpstart a top 10 alliance Analy. So here goes.

    Attachment 12699

    Quad - NE with some NW stragglers
    Confeds: Revenge, Revenge2, Pleasure, F-D
    Players: 88
    Attacker points: 90648
    Top Robbers: Revenge #1, Revenge2 #8
    #accounts in top 50: 14

    Mad Hatters thoughts:

    Revenge is that meta that everyone makes fun of. There's always that one meta, you know exactly what I am talking about. Early game 3-5 alliances teamed up, look pretty on paper, but still fall an apple short of the bunch. 88 Accounts over 4 alliances, why not make yourselves look a little less pathetic, and merge them into 2? Probably because their leader is too busy hawk eyeing the market place to buy 90k silver artworks and pushing out his 5th village in week 3.5? Sadly heis not the only member of the group spending high on auctions to beef up their accounts. So realistically speaking they will have some power in them, after all, one of the meta'd alliance is top robber, and steadily stays on top of all 4 leader boards. With some trimmed fat given that only about 13% of their players are top 50 accounts, and proof of skill instead of bottomless wallets, they could turn it around and earn some respect on the server. However I don't quite see that happening, with their trend.

    Attachment 12700

    Quad: Primarily SW with few straggling nw border accounts
    Players: 40
    Confeds: None
    ATT pts: 40802
    Top Robbers: #2
    #top 50: 12

    Hard to give unbiased thoughts on the ally I'm part of but still attempt it anyways. DR is most solid looking non-meta on us4. Top attacking, 2nd top robbing, while in competition of 2 other decent size forces in their quad (Immortals/Mortals and PHX meta). From outside the window looking in, there is a little bit of fat to be trimmed. From inside the house looking out though, I'm not impressed with anything I see out there, or have too much worry in enemy alliances, at least not with this group. I don't see a whole lot to stop them in the SW, besides quantity accounts. I feel as though the bright light is shining on them, and everyone is wondering what will come of this group. We've talked about it exclusively in leaders chats, alliance chats, and so forth, DR will remain a 1-man wrecking crew with up to 60 accounts. Meta Munchers.


    Quad: Primary southwest, about 33% in NW
    Players: 82
    Confeds: Immortal/Mortals
    ATT points: 44372
    Robbers: Immortals #7, Mortals #5
    Top 50: 5

    Immortal/Mortals are in worse shape than Revenge at this point. PHX and DR both working them over and it reflects. Only 5 members of their 82 member crew are even in top 50 accounts, which is under 5%? They've gone through 3 different leaders in less than 10 days. They didn't set the wing up according to demographics, but to population apparently, but their wing surpassed the main alliance in top robbers. Stop! Give it up, change now before it's too late! Not everyone in Immortal/Mortals is fail. They could easily fix their problem by cutting the wing completely, while dropping dead end accounts, and bringing in their better ones. The only other option they truly have is to work out some sort of deal with PHX or TNWC and try to keep it a west side meta, but there goes that bad word again. Their size is comparable to Revenge, however their numbers aren't even close to it. Even with both alliances together at 82 members they are being outraided by the 40 man DR by 20%, and Phoenix meta as well. I expect them to disband long before tier 2 items drop.

    Quad: NW
    Players: 33
    Confeds: None showing
    ATT: 14845
    Robbers: #4
    Top 50: 6

    Pretty plain as day alliance. Much respect for not joining the trend of metaing early on. Though not a whole lot going on here either. Attack is way lower than it should be, even with hero leveling and oasis clearing etc, the attack points should be significantly higher. Especially since there isn't a whole lot of strong force up there. On the plus side, Should be the first quad locked down, probably a good mixture of defense accounts to offense here, and don't look incredibly bad as they can make futuristic plans of where to go in stage 2 of the server.


    Quad: Se
    Players: 16
    Confeds: None showing
    ATT: 3697
    Robbers: #6
    Top 50: 1

    A small alliance putting up big robbing points will get an honorable mention regardless. Their attack is a false number seeing its one of the newer formed alliances, so don't expect that to tell a tale. Main concern for me is the mediocracy in the alliance. Nothing stands out, nothing grabs the attention of anyone else really, besides the robbers rank. Only 1 member in the top 50? Quite possibly going troop heavy, but still doesn't mean much. I'm rooting for this team, I'd like to see them be that small alliance that explodes. But they need to ignite the fuse much sooner than later. If we don't start seeing big things in the next week or 2, don't expect to see much at all.

    PHX Meta
    Quad: Who knows? All over the place.
    Players: 85
    Confeds: PHX, PHX SAS, Striker, Putin_ka
    ATT: 91868
    Robbers: PHX #3, PHX Sas #9
    Top 50: 10

    PHX is very tricky to analyze. First and foremost this is the meta to beat. Strongest looking meta between the 2-3 others on the server. HOWEVER that's not much to be proud of either. THey are all over the map. Putin_ka? Wtf? They are worried far too much about leaderboards than they are of solidifying their team. They can easily merge to 1 group, cut the Putin confed out completely which is doing them no good besides adding a few accounts in the NE that are irrelevant to them. and drop the accounts anchoring them down. A power house fight between DR and PHX as standalone alliances would make an epic battle. Otherwise we are going to see Revenge rocking their NE counterparts, the SE members doing battle with the smaller alliances, and DR steamrolling them in the SW. All 4 alliances have some impressing moments, but joined together makes them look quite weaker than they probably are. Now's the best time to make the moves, and build the powerhouse team to not be reckoned with. Otherwise you're gonna feel the sucker punch in the morning

    Honorable Mention goes to Raptors. I don't really see you guys going too far in the NE against Revenge. But there are some real possibilities for you there. I'd be doing everything in my power to work out a Putin_ka/Raptors merger in place. Whilst you guys are still tiny, I have much respect for your team to not be part of this Revenge cluster ****. The 1 village players got to go, but there are accounts I'm watching over there for sure.

    And there we have it, first server Analysis for this round. I didn't apply my normal point system for this one as its too young in the server for it. I didn't tally up defense points because it's still false numbers given to hero walls, and defending the non cat attacks, and other pointless defense calls. I didn't spend nearly as much time researching as I do in later analysis' given that much of this will change in the next couple weeks.

    The biggest evolution I am anticipating is PHX meta, and TNWC. I strongly feel that PHX's best interest would be dropping Putin_ka, sucking in a few of the better Immortal accounts as they and DR continuing their aggression towards Immortal, cut down to at the very least a Main alliance with a little deffer wing. TNWC I'm curious to see if they go at it alone, or if another NW ally pops up soon enough to contest them, or will they follow the trend and confed there too?

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    No idea whats up with the broken links ^^ They are showing up in preview just fine

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    This is kinda funny.

    DR tried to do massive attacks on Immortal what was easly defended and DR lost alot of troops whitout getting anything.

    Same as PHX who lost like 30 catas what was also easly defended.

    Tobad i lost the reports, next time ill post them to show how ''good'' you guys are.

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    I always appreciate a good analysis, and it's always nice to hear someone else thoughts. Thanks for sharing!
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    Always enjoy reading these.
    Thanks for the time you invested putting it together.
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    No problem! My next one will be a little deeper look. it's just useless to delve deep this early on, there's plenty of change in store, I am sure

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