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Thread: Fastest way for a Roman to get a second village.

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    Default Fastest way for a Roman to get a second village.

    Someone mind using their math guru skills and travian knowledge to explain step by step how to get a second village asap in travian legends? Thanks

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    Follow the quests, these days most of them pay out more resources than they cost to complete.
    Don't build any troops beyond the couple you need for a quest (especially if you start at server start since everyone will be in BP).
    Build your storage high enough to avoid overflow.
    Get the Town hall up before the residence so you can earn cp from it and it's prerequisites as soon as possible. While you will want at least one party, don't throw that party till the end so you get the most CP from it you can.
    If you don't have duals, use masterbuilder while you sleep.
    Make use of your double build whenever you can.
    If you extend your BP, you should be ready to settle around the time the extension ends.
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    If you get lucky on the quests and/or have other ways of getting artworks (ie. auctions), you don't need the town hall before you do it.

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