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Thread: Increased Visibility on Report Numbers

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    Default Increased Visibility on Report Numbers

    Not sure many this affects, but when I'm raiding we soon exceed the 99 reports that you can display on one page, and you end up with a few thousand unread reports -- which can be kinda hard to read. And I think they'res quite a simple change that could be made which could make life much easier for us.

    See the attached image, I'd like to see those numbers on each of the sub sections to. - So I can open up reports, and it tells me how much unread scout reports I have for example. Might not save any time, but it does make things much easier to read. Maybe even add numbers on the filters to, so I can see how much unread red sword reports we have?


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    I like that idea, it would be nice for the defensive side too. Raid reports pile on so fast I often don't know someone scouted me until I am checking defense reports on the alliance page. Heck I remember one instance where a newbie tried to raid one of our feeders and neither my dual nor I noticed for three days.
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