Recently there have been some changes in Artefact activation behaviour and now the correct behaviour is the following.

  • Player still can have only 3 active artefacts on their account, only one of which can be account-wide. Nothing has changed on that matter.

  • If player has 3 artefacts village-scope and conquers the 4 th , with the account scope effect, that means that the third (most recent) small artefact gets deactivated, and instead of it the 4 th artefact gets active.


  • The artefact "Great diet control I" gets activated, because itís of scope "account".

  • The artefacts "The slight titan boots V" and "The eagles slight eyes V" are activated as well, because they are the oldest remaining two artefacts.

  • The artefact "Rivals slight confusion VII" does not get activated because there are already three activated artefacts.