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Thread: No posts for over a month.....

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    Default No posts for over a month.....

    Registered players: 803
    Active players: 287
    Players online: 28

    Maybe this has something to do it.

    TBN, you're having a lot of fun. Why no brs posted?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hermes View Post
    Registered players: 803
    Active players: 287
    Players online: 28

    Maybe this has something to do it.

    TBN, you're having a lot of fun. Why no brs posted?
    Dosen't seem that there's anyone here to read them.
    And now I'll tell you what's against us, an art that's lived for centuries. Go through the years and you will find what's blackened all of history. Against us is the law with its immensity of strength and power - against us is the law! Police know how to make a man a guilty or an innocent. Against us is the power of police! The shameless lies that men have told will ever more be paid in gold - against us is the power of the gold! Against us is racial hatred and the simple fact that we are poor.
    - The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti, Joan Baez

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    You should see US2, it's a ghost-town in that area of the forums

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    The forums have been dead for awhile. Id like to see less servers sonthat activity is boosted on the open servers. Travian has less n less players and need to consolidate its open servers. Its not even end gamr and we are less then 300 active players thats terrible.

    Now as for status of s3.

    Dtta appears to be losing ground to empire as theybhave lost a few artifacts to them and their offensive n defensive points seem to be losing out. However they still hold population and boast greater number of players.

    Tbn apparently has teamed up with vs but thats unavoidable seeing as they have a half filled alliance. We will likely see vs absorbed into tbn as activity drops in vs

    New is holding its ground against tbn but look tobhave taken a few hits.

    Lets ser what further server action brings over here

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    I'd love to post BRs, but like... We don't really have that many. Most of our attacks have been well coordinated enough that we haven't really run into any defense, other than when we mean too. I don't have the report for stealing the Unique trainer, but that was our best move yet. Props to our amazing hammers for the big hit and Corey for the planning. Owning 6 speed artis across the alliance, there's been some great ghosting. Most of it not too noteworthy though. This one's my favorite:

    Other than that, we're waiting for NEW to actually do something. As a defensive coordinator, I can tell you that NEW absolutely LOVES their fakes. Despite their fakes, this is the only four times I've seen reports of NEW hammers on the move at all:
    One week after artifacts, when I made a dumb oversight
    A report someone in VS sent me when I asked them what was going on (this is VS defense in a VS village, not ours)
    This sloppy chief attempt:
    And this less sloppy but still unsuccessful chief attempt that was followed by getting all his wheat fields destroyed:

    TBN, you're having a lot of fun. Why no brs posted?
    There you go. That's all I've got. Now where are all the reports from the D&TTA/Empire conflict? I haven't heard a peep from Empire all game.

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    youve heard a peep from us in fact i bet yal are pretty busy tonight and tomorrow night. its too bad yal werent in the quad with vs it wouldnt be so long of a travel for us

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    tbn is a small group of superior players. Kudos. Just out of curiosity, are you guys building a WW? Or are you guys playing spoiler?

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    First time going on the forums. Still new to the game but I think I'm doing ok...

    They must love me. They keep sending me presents...
    Glad i have an alliance willing to help always.

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    you speaking of tbn dtta or empire. we all know vs is gonna follow the leader this server

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    We will see.

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    Who knows? Isn't that the fun of it?

    Come on, you can't keep holding out on us. If you ask for BRs, you gotta return the favor

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    Haha, the brs I've seen would be propaganda for tbn. :P

    I hold to the rule that the attacker posts the brs, or the defender will. I have no troops. Just a dirty simmer, so no brs from me.

    And I was just curious about tbn. As always, good luck to all.

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