Dear players,

As no doubt some of you have already noticed, new comprehensive tasks have been implemented for newly created accounts on the US servers. New players to Travian will get introduced to the principles of the game and at the same time will have the basic features of their account explained to them.

Also, experienced players can benefit from these tasks, allowing them to skip waiting times and receive other bonuses. These tasks are entirely optional and upon founding your second village the questmaster will disappear altogether from your account, leaving those that do not wish to partake in the quests free to play Travian how they always have.

The tasks will start automatically at the time you enter your newly created account. If the questmanager has a new task or a message for you, he will be marked red (as it is shown in the pictures above). Then click on the picture and a new window with the new quest or the message will open.

The quests also allow you to choose what route you will take in the game, and tailor you objectives to suit that. We hope that as a result of these new quests our newer players will be more easily able to get involved with the game and enjoy Travian for what it is.

We wish you a lot of fun with it...

Your Travian team

P.S. For Graphic pack designers Narodnik has written a guide to modify the image for this, which you can find here