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Welcome to the End Game Guide

There are many people asking about the Natars these days. There are more and more servers, which means more and more servers are ending.

This guide will provide all the basic knowledge you need to get through the End game without asking any embarrassing questions.



The End Game consists of players building World Wonders. When a World Wonder hits level 100 the server ends. Everyone's accounts are restricted to IGMs (in game messages). After several weeks the server eventually restarts from scratch.

It's a race. There are going to be 13 competing Wonders. Everyone participates basically, so it's not an easy task! As mentioned, the server ends when a WW hits level 100. The player to do this is deemed the winner. Also, the person who holds the second set of WW plans gets credit for the win as well.

Moving on we get to the...


They are a computer controlled tribe of their own and they go by the name Natar (weird, I know).

As is mentioned in many other places, the Natars arrive on a normal server approx. 300 days after it starts. That number is reduced to 100 for a speed server. They have massive amounts of troops in all of their villages which can regenerate at ungodly speeds.

You will know they arrive because when you log in, instead of being directed to your account, an announcement page is displayed. It basically announces that the Natars have finally arrived. There is a continue button at the bottom of the announcement that will let you go and play on your account like normal.


For a regular server you can expect their villages to contain 25-50k troops or more. That number is drastically increase for speed servers.

Their troops are extremely powerful. No one but the highest members of the Travian Staff know what their real stats are. Not even Taranis knows.

The Natars attack a World Wonder every 5 levels. They also attack it when the WW reaches level 96, 97, 98, and 99. The higher the level of the World Wonder the stronger their attacks are. They send a strong wave with rams which is followed up by an attack with their catapults (which have a nice sized escort).

How to Obtain a Wonder of the World

Many of you might be asking that question at this point. Who are the Natars and why did I mention them first?

Well, here is the answer. To make a World Wonder you have to steal their villages. That's right, you have to attack them! Their defensive forces are massive, as mentioned.

You have to steal their first set of villages because they let you build the Wonder. They are the only villages which can build the World Wonders.

Not only that, but to actually build them you need to take construction plans from the Natars! After about two weeks from the point when the initial 13/14** World Wonder Villages are released (or about 1 week on the speed server), 10 Building Plan Villages are released. They contain the construction plans for the World Wonder.

You can find more information on obtaining the construction plans here:


For the World Wonder Holders

Once you meet the Criteria to construct the WW you usually do. For those of you who have a shot at gaining one of these important villages, here are some basics that you need to know:

-No Insta Builds or NPCs on WW villages

-You need to build up the infrastructure of your WW. This means lots of Great granaries and warehouses.

-You will be fending off attacks from all over the server, not just from the Natars. You will need a large group of defenders reinforcing your village if you want to win the WW race.

-WW villages use half the wheat to support troops that a normal village does.

-Push rules do not apply to WW villages.

-If you want to take a WW village you will need someone with a 50k crop hammer or bigger. You also need 6-8 chiefs.

-If you attack/clear a village, don't let it sit around for too long. They recover troops hundreds of times faster than a normal player.

Tracking Your Progress

You may be asking how you are supposed to know what level the World Wonders are. Well, ask no more. A new section appears in the statistics/high scores when the Natars arrive. It's title is "WW." You can see the name of each WW, it's level, and which player owns it. If you click on the name of the WW you will be taken to the village that it is in. So if your looking to attack one in an attempt to hinder it's progress, you can find the coordinates easy enough.


If there is anything that anyone sees need fixed because it is wrong, or feels more information needs to be added, post it here. You can also PM me (that might be better, if the thread gets spammed a bit then it might be hard to find the serious and helpful advice posts).

**I mention 13/14 villages because the 14th village is basically untouchable. I have never heard of anyone mounting a successful offensive against this village. It has at least 10 times as many troops as any other city. It also has a ton of traps waiting to stop up all your army. It's very nasty and I advise you never, ever, try to attack it.

It cannot be captured is basically what I am saying. Don't bother trying, unless your willing to needlessly throw away troops.