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Thread: Before you post a question, read this.

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    Default Before you post a question, read this.

    The answers to many of the most common questions are out there, but sorting through the plethora of places to look can be daunting for a new player.

    Listed below are the most common places to find information, and the type of information you can expect to find. If you have already searched through all of these areas, and haven't found an answer or are confused about what you found, feel free to post a new thread with your question (or, even better, join a current discussion about your question.)

    The In-Game Manual

    The in-game manual is found at the left hand side of every page of, under the link called "Manual."

    It is not a comprehensive guide to this game, but is not completely useless. I often use it myself to look up stats such as troop speeds, carrying capacities, and building requirements. I find it the fastest way to access this type of information, and consider it a quick reference guide.

    The Official Travian FAQ

    The official, comprehensive Travian guide is found at

    This is the place where you want to start your search for information about whatever you need to know. There is a wealth of information here on all sorts of topics, and people will often link a page to answer a question that is posted.

    The Travian Wiki

    All servers are currently running Travian Version 3.5, and the Travian Wiki for this version can be found at

    This is another great site to look at for information, but it is known to run out of bandwidth sometimes, especially towards the end of the month. Much of the information contained in the official Travian FAQ is also found here, but this site goes into greater detail about strategies and tips which have been developed by players.

    The Forum FAQ/Guide Section

    We have quite a few experienced players who enjoy writing guides for all sorts of aspects of the game.

    These guides are typically first made in the General section of the Travian forums. Good guides are first stickied so they can receive input, criticism, and corrections from the community, and give the creator a chance to edit out any mistakes that may have been made. There is usually a guide or two in progress that can be found here.

    After a while, good guides are moved into the FAQ/Guide Section. This is a great place to start looking for information on gameplay, strategies and techniques. As of right now we've got guides on everything from catapulting, to playing as any of the three tribes, to just getting the hang of the game.

    In-Game Support

    In game support can be reached by In Game Messaging the user "Support."

    Each server has several people who are there to give one on one help. They do not have any admin powers, but they are a fountain of knowledge when it comes to this game, and can answer pretty much any question about it. As with all communication, you're encouraged to use proper English grammar and punctuation when contacting them. It helps tremendously.

    Contacting support is good for people who don't like posting on the forums. And while none of the forum staff are required to give you answers, most of us are more than willing to answer questions that we receive in our inboxes. There are also a number of users who frequent the questions forum who are willing to help as well. But as always, it helps all of us if you've done your research before messaging us.

    Note: The Multihunters should not be used for answering questions about the game and gameplay unless it involves the rules, or a violation of them.

    Searching the Questions Forum

    Yes, I know. The forum search function isn't that great. But it's still pretty good for 90% of the common questions.

    If you have a question, there's a very good chance it's already been asked - and answered - before. There always seems to be that question that gets asked 50 times a week, so it helps to do a search before posting.

    There is a good guide on how to use the search function here (Edit: And here as well, focusing on Google searches. - Woden). Remember that if you include an asterisk, "*", with your query, you can search for three letter words as well.

    And finally,

    Posting a Question in the Forum

    As you can see, this should be a last resort, but sometimes you just gotta ask that question.

    There are a few things you should keep in mind if you're going to post:

    - Only post if you've tried your best to find an answer. We know if you've gone through everything in this post. It's quite easy to tell.

    - When you do post, please oh please attempt proper English grammar and punctuation. Not only is it hard to answer a question if it's hard to tell what the question is asking, improper use of the English language is so much of an annoyance that your thread is going to be filled up with people telling you to use it, instead of people responding to your question. That doesn't benefit you, or anyone reading your thread hoping for an answer.

    - Try to include a keyword about your question in the title. This makes using the search function sooooooooo much easier. Titles such as "Help?," "I'm confused," and "what's this?" make trying to figure out if the thread is applicable, and what's in the thread, very hard.

    - Always remain polite. You might not get the answer you were hoping for, or you might not get an answer at all. Getting angry at people who are trying to help you will only result in you not receiving any help, or possibly even getting warned/banned.

    Best of luck,
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