If you are looking for an alliance, and by some weird twist of fate, someone from a good alliance is here looking for members in stead of farms you should probably put some info to show that you are worth it.

is not gonna really work.

Population might be a good start. Any Travian experience (probably not if you are posting here, but what the heck). How often or how long you are on per day.

Now if you want to make it easy to get your happy-*** farmed you can post your troop to pop ratio. Or what TIMES you are on. It's improtant info for alliances to look at, but if you post what troops you have and what time you are around, you are kinda asking for it.

Now how many of you guys think they will actually listen to me? Anyone? Oh, that's right, you cant post here.

I will happily update this post with any stupid questions I get from new folks, but if you have any intelligent questions IGM me.