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Thread: Scout and Crop Consumption

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    Default Scout and Crop Consumption

    Okay, so I know that Gauls should get reined by Teuton scouts at their villas, but my question is; what is a good trade?

    Teuton Scout = 360 resources

    Gaul Phalanx = 315 resources

    Should I still trade 1:1 and send some wood to compensate for the difference or is it close enough?

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    go for the 1:1 and the person askes for more give a little more.
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    I was going to say what -__- said.

    Also, sometimes people will train more scouts then what they need at the moment and will house them at your place for room and board. They don't have to feed them and you'll have the scouts there. Just ask and see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -__- View Post
    go for the 1:1 and the person askes for more give a little more.
    ^ this.

    Even tho the scout is a little more expensive, the phalanx is a more useful loaner.
    IMO, the slight overage in cost is made up for by that.
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