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    Default Basic IRC Guide

    While i know their are a few guides out their on this topic, We have the same ones on the uk forum however i was asked a while ago to make a simple guide with pretty pics for new players.
    While i have covered some of the stuff that has been covered in other guides this one coveres more of the MIRC Aspect for new players.


    1. What is IRC?
    2. General Information
    3. Built in IRC Client
    4. Using MIRC
    5. MIRC Command (basic)
    6. X Chat Guide

    While this information already exists it is extreamly out of date, so here is a remade version of the the existing guide, Exitisting guide.

    Thanks goes to Polaris for providing the X-Chat Guide

    Working on:
    • advanced mirc commands
    • colloque irc client
    • Iphone Client

    if you have any further sugestions let me know
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    What is IRC

    IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat". It was originally written by Jarkko Oikarinen in 1988. Since starting in Finland, it has been used in over 60 countries around the world. IRC is a multi-user chat system, where people meet on "channels" (rooms, virtual places, usually with a certain topic of conversation) to talk in groups, or privately. There is no restriction to the number of people that can participate in a given discussion, or the number of channels that can be formed on IRC. (*)
    In march 2006 Travian Created its own dedicated IRC Network and currently over 1000 users are connected at any time.
    Most Domains have created their own channels on the network to enable their own players to chat away from the often busy main travian channels. (IE UK has

    General Information
    For the experienced users; will get you at the place.
    All countries have their own DNS, so, and will all work and will all bring you to the same place.

    There currently 5-6 servers, each with its own task;
      This server is a 'production' server and can be used to chat. You can connect to it directly using Note: Do not use any other TLD for this. Just .org.
      This server has been taken out of 'production' recently and is still connected.
      This server is the 'hub'. This means the server is the central place where everything comes together. The server can not be used by users and can not be reached directly by anyone other then a selected group of IRCops.
      This is the replacement of roman. You can connect to it directly using
      Services is a vital system on the network. Its hosted on the gaul.* server and provides the services like nickserv, chanserv and botserv. These services make sure you can register your own nickname and identify every time you visit IRC again. It also provides you with advanced channel management options to make running your own chat more easily.
      Provides Statistics on usage, most talkitive users, what the channel modes are. can be found by going !stats in a channel that has this enabled

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    HOW to get there

    At any webpage within Travian you can find a menu option named "Chat".
    This link is available at the frontpage and in-game.

    It opens another window which requires Java to be installed on the computer.
    If you see an error message like the following: you may need to visit to update your java software

    Once you have clicked on it, it will open a window (as a JAVA applet)
    • #travian
      All applet users join this channel + a lot of general users are here. You wont see any users in the list on your right hand, as the channel is really huge.
    • #traviansupporT
      This channel provides Travian support for your language.
      The main channel for your country.

    In reality it will look like this:

    You can see at the bottom there 2 lines;
    Public: Here are all public channels listed.
    Private: Here you can find your status window where all system/IRC Services reports go to. Also any private conversations will be listed here.

    Starting a private conversation can be easily done by one of the two following options:
    /msg nick
    Double click on the name on the right.
    You can see is orange. This means your currently in that channel. You can easily switch by just clicking on the other buttons.

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    Using Other IRC Clients

    Installing MIRC v6.35
    • Go to the MIRC website above
    • Download (may need to select gold bar at top of browser in IE (Vista/Win7)
    • Install
    • Once installed, Run program (Vista / Win7 Ok the Firewall popup)
    • you will be presented with the following screen

    • Select Continue (this will be allowed even if you dont register, however it would be best to register)
    • you will be presented with the following screen

    • Enter the following details:
      Name, IRC Server ( Port (6667)
    • the next screen will be as follows

    • Once you have hit connect you are now logged in

    • Close the chanel pop up. In the status window type the following:
      /join #travian (Hit enter and #travian channel will load)
      /join (again hit enter to load channel)
      /join #traviansupport (Hit enter again)
    • This will leave you a screen like the following (mine is minamised and stacked for neatness)

    • you now have the same channels as if you used the java chat.
    • We will cover more detailed MIRC commands later

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    MIRC Comands

    Nick changes

    When you first log in to MIRC most people want their own name showing, the following will guide you through name changes.

    • In the status window type the following:
      [indent] /nick yourname

    • Once you have done that you will get the following screen

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    Registering your New Nick

    Now you have got your own name, you can register it to stop others from using it, Bewarned someone else may already have your nick reserved

    • navigate to the Staus screen
    • Enter the following:
      /nickserv register yourpassword

    • you will then get a confirmation email sent to the email address you registered under

    • Open the email. (it will look something like this)

    • Copy the text "/msg NickServ confirm CODE" in to your status window
    • If sucsessfull you will receive the following

    • Now your nick is registered and protected. Each time you log in you will need to enter the following in the status window:
      /ns id password
    • you will then be authenticated and identifyed

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    If anyone has other information for mac or linux irc clients feel free to post them here

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    Quote Originally Posted by mhudson324 View Post
    If anyone has other information for mac or linux irc clients feel free to post them here
    just some suggestions for mac clients.

    I personally like X-Chat Aqua the best, but you can also use Colloquy which is another popular IRC client. Alternatively you can just install unix command line clients (xchat, etc) and use it from terminal or X11.

    I don't have any suggestions for linux clients. sorry.

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    Default X-Chat Aqua

    X-Chat Aqua:
    Download from here

    Setup Step 1:
    Attachment 3144

    If the server list is not shown on start up of the application press Apple-S or click from the File Menu.
    Press the + at the bottom left hand corner of the window --> This will add a New Server. Name it whatever you would like it to be. I named it Travian.
    Make sure you can see the details for the server. If you cannot press the button Show Details (it's the same place as Hide Details in the picture)
    Press the + in the drawer under Servers for Travian (right hand side of the image)
    Port: 6667

    User Information:
    In the main Server list window there is are spaces for Nickname, Username, Real Name. Type in your desired nickname. If it is your first time logging into IRC you will have to register your nick. Use the instructions that are provided above in the MIRC guide.
    Custom user information is not necessary unless you use multiple nicks on multiple servers.

    Setup Step 2:
    Attachment 3145

    Click on Connect Options in the drawer
    Once you have registered your desired nick (instructions are same as above for MIRC), you can add your password in NickServ password and it will automatically log you in the next time you connect.

    Setup Step 3:
    Attachment 3146

    Click on the On Join tab in the drawer.
    You can press the + under the channels space to add any desired channels to auto join. I autojoin #travian and there are loads of others so feel free to add the ones you want.
    Under the commands section you do not need to add anything.

    Hope this works for everyone! See y'all on IRC

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    thanks Colloquy guide to follow shortly. as will a lit of other usefull commands

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    I will try to do some more.

    If anyone has ideas on topics they want covered let me know

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