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Thread: Guide: Pure Sim to Village 2

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    Another set back and another reason to get second village as soon as possible. Someone else just settled the cropper that I have my settlers heading towards. Another 24 hours before they start walking back.

    Uggh, US servers do not have the immediate callback feature in T3.6. So it will be Thursday before my settlers get back and then another long trip to some other cropper.
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    Amen. I am going to have some exciting difficulties with my cropper spot as well, assuming it is still available when my settlers arrive.

    I think really the only way the sim approach is reliable is if you do it perrrrfectly early on, and start on/near day 1 of the server. Especially helpful as a gaul since your settlers are cheaper and cranny costs much cheaper, however even romans and teuts can get settlers in 25 days I imagine, which is decent for getting the 2nd villa if you started at the first day (probably best to start late into the first day just to spawn farther from the center).

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