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    Hello Everyone.

    Below is a list of policies that aren't really written anywhere as policies, but are found out by either asking the MultiHunter or support, or finding out from a more experienced person. This list may be updated as warranted, but don't expect to keep seeing constant updates


    The rules have been updated. As of now, it is against the Rules, specifically Rule 1.0, to "to buy or sell troops or resources or silver for money and/or in-game gold"

    This means that you are no longer allowed to give silver to another account, in exchange for Gold. While that was allowed previously, it will no longer be the case. Please pass the word on.

    Oasis Release - If a player has been inactive and banned for longer than 14 days, an oasis may be released at the discretion of the HeadMultihunter. Proper procedure is to request the release by sending an IGM to the Multihunter of the server. Please note this is NOT an automatic release, and while it may occur, a player can not expect that to happen on a constant regular basis

    Village Release – The auto-delete system is in place for a reason. No Villages, even if they are 150% croppers will be released by the MH from a banned account.

    Referral Links – It is acceptable to put your referral link in your profile if you wish for it to be seen for someone to hopefully use it. However the wording around it needs to be such that there is no implication that goods/services in Travian will be used/received if a person does use the link. Compliance with the rule is to be left to the Multihunter's discretion. However, you may not send an IGM to an individual with the link and either promise them something if they use it or threaten them if they don't use it.

    A player's name will be voluntarily changed by the Multihunter as long as the requesting account is under 100 population, and the name doesn't violate the Netiquette rules. The name must not be already in use or have been in use so far on this server.
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