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Thread: Looking for Dual on Non-US server? Write here!

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    Yes! I agree this !
    * We dont got a name, yet, for the account
    * GMT + 1.Tibet Holiday
    * Our on-line time is 6:00 - 23:00 (GMT +1)
    * Tribe: Gaul
    * Mostly Offensive, Aggressive style
    * planning on using some gold (You dont have to buy anything)
    * Notice that this is a x5 speed which is a somewhat one time special for the Dutch travian
    * contact: msn skype in-game forum (what ever you want)

    Looking for:

    * A couple of duals who can preferably be on-line around the hours we will not be (during your normal daytime)
    * Some experience in farming/building up/reacting to attacks, no need for rocket scientists though

    Our goal is to get a top 100 acc (mayby even top 50) and have alot of fun(war, rioting, raiding, ghost hammers ect.)

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    We are in need of a dual for the romanian speed server. account top 50 pop . top 20 off . PM me for other questions. Preferable gold buyer.
    "I am always outnumbered, but never outmanned"
    - Eugen

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    I need a dual for .com s5. Tueton account top 50 attacker, top 10 defender, top 50 pop, I am in pacific time -8. I need someone to play during my nights 11 PM-8 AM PST is preferred, but I will consider anytime. You must be an experienced raider/attacker. Will also consider duoing on another server somewhere else if you msg me the details.

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    Hi,I am looking for a dual for Pakistan server.I have to got busy in my exams and will can't give the proper time to game.

    - which time zone you would like someone to be in=You will not be in Pakistan
    My Time Zone-GMT+5:00
    - how much time you would like the dual to put in=as much as you can (as I can be online 4 times ) hours
    You must have 4-5 years experience
    My Tribe is Gaul
    -tribe-Moderate Gaul (Most Defensive and a bit Offensive)

    You should be experienced and MUST be active
    Gold buyer preferred but that is not important.You can also contact me if you are not a Gold buyer.

    Team player

    PM me

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    Hey lads

    Experienced team is in need of a US dual to cover night shift

    we have started on com5 few days and things are going great as usual

    if u'd like to be a part of a strong team PM me


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    Hello,we need a dual on romainian speed server.

    About the server:
    -started 2 weeks ago
    -is one of the most agressive speed server
    -about 6k players

    About the account:
    -the account is top 10 simmers
    -top 10 atackers
    -top 10 robbers(we got the medal in the first week, second,and now we will get it in the 3'rd)
    -server started on a friday
    -teuton account

    About us:
    -we are 3 players on the account including me
    -the account is 24/7,but we all have lives and we need to get like 2 more players
    -we use gold
    -we are all experienced players

    About you:
    -18 years old at least
    -experienced with teutons
    -gold buyer would be a plus
    -active at least 4 hours

    Contact me on skype or pm:

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    Hi. We searching for a dual for nox (Norweigan speed). I would like it to be someone from Australia or America. I live in Bangkok, GMT +7 so ya. You MUST speak english unless you cant join. I want the dual to gold at least 100 gold per week. Experience.. Oh yes very important. At least a year with travian, and as long as you follow my plan its fine. This account is offensive gaul so be prepared for more intense farming than the teutons. We raid with swordies, TTs and haeduans. Remember, we already have gold buyer, so you are not the only gold buyer. We are currently top 30 in rank, and remember, I give a lot of credit to gold buyers.
    Contact me via skype: brackenfur chippi

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    i dont think i know him mate

    but i hope im not that much worse then him

    my pre last server

    my last server

    drop me a line at skype : ak47-trav

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    I can dual for you guys

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    i can dual for anyone who needs me
    pm me for details

    -3 years xp
    -gmt-7 go Northeast and I'll gladly help you!

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    Still Searching!

    We need a dual on Norweigan speed server. (Nox)

    About the server:
    -started 3 days ago
    -is one of the easiest speed server
    -about 2.5k players

    About the account:
    -the account is top 20 simmers
    -top 200 atackers
    -and 1/10th robbing of the top 10 robbers. (We will start to raid tomorrow)
    -server started on a wednesday
    -offensive gaul account

    About us:
    -we are 3 players on the account including me
    -the account is 24/7,but since we cannot gold, we need to get 2 more players who can gold at least 100 per week.
    -we use very small and limited amount of gold
    -we are all experienced players

    About you:
    -14 years old at least
    -A gold buyer
    -active at least 4-5 hours

    Contact me on skype or pm:

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    We are 3 duals currently playing on the danish speed server 1 night time and 2 daytime. Teuton tribe.

    We are looking for 1 other dual to overlap on night time and maybe 1 more for day time.

    We are currently in the top 10 population/ top 10 raider and top 10 attacker.

    Teamplayer, which means follow the general guideline set up by the team.
    Top 100 experience in previous servers (solo or dual) until endgame.
    Very reliable on assigned schedule
    Gold buyer is a plus

    Contact me on Skype Archn3ss
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    Hey, I need a dual for com5, a t4 server teuton raiding account contact me at skype: tommmmo7 If you're active and can pereferably play my night (I am gmt1)

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    i can no longer dual
    i found an account to play on sorry go Northeast and I'll gladly help you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RETUR View Post
    Hi! I need one or more duals for a swedish server. We are going to be a few guys playing so we need a night player. It's going to be a speed x3 server (T4), it's starts on wednesday. We are in timezone GMT +1 so if your in GMT -5 or GMT -6 it would be good, it can be another timezone to...

    The account is going to be teutons or romans, we haven't decided that yet.

    Well the dual we need is an active dual. The times we need the dual for depends on which timezone you are in. The dual should know how to raid(.............)

    You can contact me by writing me a PM or add me on skype: VictorTh1
    Still searching, the account is on the top 10 raiding list. You'll get more info when you contact me.

    Skype: VictorTh1

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    Default Teuton account Uk5

    Well im looking for a dual on my account on uk5...

    doesnt need to be massively experienced etc. as I have time to show how to play...

    I also have a few places spare that other players in the alliance need duals... our alliance is top4 raiders - with the least amount of players in the top10. I think we are at week 13 now... so hammers just starting to come together and things getting to the exciting stage

    Please mail me if you are interested or want to know anymore...
    or you can add me on skype: jackyvamps

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    i hate duals; the filthy beggars keep building stuff in the wrong place.
    com6r1 - Warraxx (solo) | com6r2 - Warraxx (solo) | com6r3 - lkdood (dual) | com4r2 - warraxx (solo)
    com4r3 - Lord Warraxx (solo) | us2r1 - Warraxx (solo) | us2r4 - Warraxx (dual) | us5r2 - Warraxx (solo)
    us5r3 - Ajaxx (solo) | us5r4 - Warraxx (solo) | au4r4 - Warraxx (solo) | tc3 - deus ex machina

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    Default BGx dual

    Looking for a dual on BGx:

    -Any tribe we decide, I've done all and will do any
    -laid back but still raiding and troop oriented, goal is to damage WW to help our ally win
    -Little gold
    -Lots of experience

    Needed from you:
    -Activity, anywhere in the world
    -Know how to raid, thats it
    -Want to have fun and wont spaz out when something wrong happens
    -Gold is not required but is a plus

    PM me or skype at bountyhunter700

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    Default Comx Gaul Offensive in top 50 off rank

    Looking for a new dual. Gold buying is a must.

    Contact me through skype, Arorndulia69

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    looking for coplayers for us6 server. not sure yet what i will play but,buying gold is obligatory.i'm looking for more than 3 persons for my account.I wanna play with gauls.again!
    if there's someone's up for it,contact me on skype: noxified.nox

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    Looking for tall blonde with large assets to take long walks on the beach...
    com6r1 - Warraxx (solo) | com6r2 - Warraxx (solo) | com6r3 - lkdood (dual) | com4r2 - warraxx (solo)
    com4r3 - Lord Warraxx (solo) | us2r1 - Warraxx (solo) | us2r4 - Warraxx (dual) | us5r2 - Warraxx (solo)
    us5r3 - Ajaxx (solo) | us5r4 - Warraxx (solo) | au4r4 - Warraxx (solo) | tc3 - deus ex machina

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warraxx View Post
    Looking for tall blonde with large assets to take long walks on the beach...
    I would love to help you there

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    available as a dual.......from india so will be workin durin the night......but im a roman player tho....

    skype id: tavish15
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    a top teuton account on tournmament com i searching for us dual

    only pros please



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    Looking for a dual on the tournament server:

    -Very empty server
    -Top 50 attackers (were teutons)
    -Server just started
    -We buy gold

    What we need from you:
    - To play when we are asleep (We are in GMT +1 so if you are in -6 or +6 or something please contact me!!)
    - Have some fun and win this server with us.

    Please add me at skype: ifrederick550

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    Looking for dual on Offensive Teuton account on, TT (Travian Tournament) 2012 I (The one with 25k+ players) (started almost 3 days ago)
    Details on account:
    Top 20 Offensive
    Top 150 Population
    Already Town Hall
    Troop:Pop Ratio= Way over 2:1

    Requirements to dual:
    One Player is UTC +1, I am UTC -6. Someone from UTC +6 would be great. Also maybe UTC -4. (Hint: Anyone can play but you might be assigned night shift, so if you can't do it be honest (Maybe I will be willing to switch))
    Experience= Great Raider+Attacker. Also COMMON SENSE. Willing to obey orders. More will be informed when you contact me.
    Gold= Gold is prefered, but not required. (May help your chances of getting in)

    Contact me by PMing me here, or skype at wazzup243.

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    We are looking for dual on german tournament server (
    So that we can cover the acc 24 hours.

    - very good started offensive Teuton account
    - at the moment 2 players from germany with much experience
    - gold buyer
    - Teamplayer
    - last 20 hours of noob protection is running then its time to farm

    Goal is to keep the account 24 hours a day we need a good travian player who can play when we are sleeping

    - teamplayer
    - you dont need to buy gold
    - experience with teutons
    - You should be reliable
    - and no little kids pls who wantjust destroy the acc pls !!! we are all one big travian family

    write to us on skype: rich (can good english) or rahzak (english is ok^^)

    This search has been presented to you by google translator


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    Default .za 3 Dual

    Hey guys, I'd like to find a dual for the upcoming .zax3 (FIRST AFRICAN SPEED SERVER)

    I'm GMT -0/+0 (on GMT)

    I need a dual who can
    -knows how to wage wars
    -and maybe buy gold

    skype me ty.castor (jk united states is my location)
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    Travian Tournament 2012 started.Have a chance to win 150. Here is a brief intro about the game and the news about the tournament.

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    Looking for a dual for a top 20 attacker teuton

    -Very empty server
    -Top 20 attackers (were teutons)
    -Server just started
    -We buy gold

    What we need from you:
    - To play when we are asleep (We are in GMT +1 so if you are in -6 or +6 or something please contact me!!)
    - Have some fun and win this server with us.

    Please add me at skype: ifrederick550

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    Default need dual on in1

    about us:

    we are 3 brothers from india currently playing the account
    bein in same time zone we hav a need for other duals
    we are not as they all claim the most experienced...hav played our share of the game......n are quite good at it.....

    about the account:

    top20 (pop-wise)
    top10 attacker
    decently good raider (we can improve this with a good dual)
    it has gold club
    we keep resource bonus n travian plus active thruout the server
    we do regularly put in gold for npc n all

    what we expect from the dual:

    must speak english
    must hav skype
    n must contribute a min of 250 gold mnthly
    we are friendli n expect the same from u....shud be fun loving its a game aftr all...
    no kids must be above 20 please....had some issues with kids in the past.....
    shud hav atleast 2 yrs travian experience...

    contact me on skype

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    If anybody needs a dual, contact me ..

    gmail -->

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    hey guys: looking for dual on travian tournament:
    we need duals if you are interested email me at
    we have gold club:

    you need 2 years experience
    250 gold monthly (250 within first 24 hours of you joining account to prove to us)

    we have gold club
    top 80 hero
    top 80 attacker
    top 40 defender
    1/4 top raiders: we need you to be top!

    thank you!!!!

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    Hey, need a dual for a account. It is top 100 even though started 10 days late, big raiding account, 3 villages. Need a raiding dual to cover 07:00am-12:00noon (that is in gmt1 time). You dont need to buy gold, but you must have skype contact me at tommmmo7 at skype if interested.

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    searching all available duals us6 starts in few days. email:

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    top teuton going for top raiders and ww!

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    Default looking for dual/sponser

    Hi, I need dual that buys gold for our next speed server. We will be tuetons, Active, Raiding, doing the best to dominate our server. We have 1-2 gold buyers that will buy gold in the beginning to start off the account, but we need someone for later. Here is what were looking for:

    Any timezone
    Experienced enough to raid
    either 100 a week, 250 every 2 weeks, 600 a month, or 1600 for the first 2 months.
    We will have 200-300 gold when the server starts and you will be required to buy gold After we have run out or you see account is going good.

    PM me here, will give skype later.

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    Hello, I'm searching for one US player, who plays travian really good, is active and serious player. You must be very experienced, account will be TOP 5 attacking and raiding. When we start playing travian, we decide to play extremely serious or not to play at all. Players on account will be very friendly, trusted and english speaking. We are searching for US player because we will not be able to play every night and work at morning. Our night time = your daily time. The server we are going to play is 3x - speed. It stars within 2 weeks, you will get other info when it's time. Probably we are going to play with teutons, will get at least 1 Artefact, alliance will be full of friends and players, who we played with before.

    A little history: I don't have any reports about our attacks, it all got deleted.. we had 3 big armies:
    first one was 320 000 clubs, 130 000 tevton knights, 20 000 catapults, second one was almost the same with rams and the third one was lower with axes We finished server as second attackers, second raiders. Lets make it better this time

    You can write me a PM if you are:
    - not very young,
    - serious,
    - fair,
    - trusted,
    - experienced,
    - positive character,
    - very good player

    It is very recommended that you use skype.

    Thank you very much and take care

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    It is IN1 server we r top 10 raiding and attacking acc need dauls contact me on skype for more information djrocks11

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    looking for teammates for the upcoming Six

    3-4 teammates are looking for an afternoon, morning and 2 to 1 for the night
    will play offensive so that the Teutons are still looking for players who would do us Defence
    player for the afternoon, occasionally gold buy himself all subject TUD 20 Gold in 2 weeks
    players in the morning and at night should have little experience can not be left farmanjem noob

    contact me at ZS or on Skype: rokec013

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