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Thread: Looking for Dual on Non-US server? Write here!

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    Hi, I'm from Ukraine GMT +2
    I am looking for a partner to play on a U.S. server.
    I play for 2 years at the speed of servers.
    the first server has finished top-10
    the second Top-20
    Write to me Skype: cfun_ser

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    - server name is tx3 on .com server (x3 speed)
    - I am in timezone UTC+10 and need someone to cover the time of 8 am to 4 pm in UTC+10
    - Must know proper english
    - Decent experience and knows how to raid well.
    - Gaul
    - I buy gold and would love another gold buyer, so if you buy gold you are guaranteed to get in.
    - Account has 2 villages, in top alliance, 15c etc.

    ADD ME ON SKYPE: alexr289


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    Default Looking for a dual on dk1


    I'm looking for at player there want too play on dk3, so a danish server. Cause when it is night i denmark, it is day in the us. I need an player there have a little experience in travian, and know how the game works. We a going to play offensiv teuton only focus i farming here at the beginning.

    If you are interested, add me on skype: kennethzacho, and we can have a little chat

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    Quote Originally Posted by HG2011 View Post
    Hello to all
    I have two accounts under my command but now It is time for my exams.Therefor I am leaving the travian for 3 months.

    One account is on
    Tribe : Gaul
    Pop :131
    Rank :525

    My pop is low 'cause of not playing properly.

    GCM is activated 8 gold.TTs are researched.

    In NE area & in top 10 Alliance.
    Contact me I will give you full control to my account.

    2nd account

    Tribe: Gaul
    pop :1500
    GCM is activated
    In top 5 Alliance and I bet our Alliance is best among these alliance.And Hope we will win the server.

    add me on skype hg.20111
    Now There is only on account on indian server

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    Lightbulb Dual Needed for speed Server

    Hello to All

    There is a speed on pk as it is first speed for us we didn't want to miss it Although I have exams

    The server will start 22 or 23 March & we want to make a Team.

    Your Time Zone is not a problem We can mange it.

    I am in GMT+5:00 & other is GMT-5:00

    Language is English

    We demand 8 or 6 hours activity

    At least one complete speed server experience

    We will discuss about Tribe on 20 or 21 March

    I can purchase 30 Gold per Month and demanded to you the same amount.If you want buy more then it will help us to grow quickly

    Skype is necessary

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    what/who are we?

    We are 4 players at an account at
    We are all from Belgium and the Netherlands. (That's GMT +1)
    We are very experienced.
    It is a Teuton account.
    We are good attackers, our playstyle is attacking. We have an unique artefact, the unique of double speeded training.
    We are standing in the top 50 of population.

    We farm a lot, but we want more! We have multiple top 10 farmers notations

    What we are searching

    We are searching an American (or Australian or from whatever) dual.

    Because you can be online when we are sleeping.

    And otherwise, when you are sleeping, then are we online.

    We are very, very active and we expect that from you.
    This is a Dutch server, the game is in Dutch so you really need to know what each thing stands for.

    What you need to do?

    you need to farm. And also build some buildings.
    But you also need to be possible to time troops, attack, shoot things away with catapults, you need to be sociable, active, taking over villages.
    Everything like a normal server.
    But you just play when most people are sleeping.

    Think about this fact: you are sleeping and a dual at the otherside of the world is boosting your account?
    Or otherwise, when you are sleeping and somebody from the other side of the world is attacking you.

    Well, if you can do that for us, that would be amazing!


    first we would like to talk to you at msn/skype/this forum.

    You can send me a message if you are interested.



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    Default Dual On UK3 Top Roman Acc

    I am looking for a dual for my UK3 account.
    My account is the best offensive roman account on the server and is frequently collecting attackers medals but now we have our sights on raiders medals, we have one but we need another dual to cover our times when we are not online to raid.
    At this moment in time we are 3k of 10th, this is because we have no one to raid while we are asleep

    I am looking for a dual who can cover GMT+0 12am-6am!

    If you can please add my skype- incy.wincy1

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    Quote Originally Posted by HG2011 View Post
    Now There is only on account on indian server
    Problem solved Now I have no account

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    Anyone know an international server that's starting soon?
    I am the evil that men do.
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    Me and My Dual have an account on Comx.
    We are in need of dual.

    What We Need From You:

    Time zone from GMT -0 to -7 Or GMT +5 to +9
    Activity at least 5 hours a day.
    Experience of at least 1 full server.
    Have played Teuton before.
    Experienced in Raiding.
    Skype is also must.
    Awesome if you can get some gold

    What We Offer You:

    Teuton Account.
    Top50 in Attackers
    Exp Alliance
    And Maybe Some Golds


    Top10 raiders each week!
    Online 24/7 (not a second less)!

    My Skype is : Mat.travian

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    Smile DUAL needed for a 3 speed server on pk

    hi guys,

    We are a bunch of players who are going to participate in a speed server in pk starting on 23 march, we need more duals to cover the night times and US offers a good timezone for us...first we would like to tell something about us first,..we normally achieve a 200 k hammer..and have played various servers including speed and normal..on com10 we achieved a hammer of 120 k clubs 80 k axes 30 k teutonic knights 5 k rams and 10 k cats..we managed to damaged the GW from level 19 to level 12..One of the most important requirement of becoming our dual is that u should be serious about the WW and have hosted hammers like this are some of the account details :


    1- teuton account, active raiders
    2- experienced players
    3-one of the top accounts I can guarantee
    4- hammers for a WW


    1- experienced player, atleast 2 full speed servers
    2- serious about the WW
    3- have dealt with hammers min 200 k crop
    4- if u can buy gold then awesome but not necessary
    5- good team work play

    Let me elaborate, No NOOB should apply...Dont waste ur time as well as ours...If u fulfill the above requirements then add me on skype: angryfighter97 or PM here..I prefer skype..

    Thanks for reading
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    Currently running a top account (Robbers, Attackers, & Pop) on a .com international server and in need of a dual who can play from GMT 3:00-8:00. That's approx. Midnight - 5am Eastern Time US

    Account is Teut and you must be able to manage sending raids via the gold club farm list. That's all that is required.

    If you're able to do more and be active other times as well, that's a plus.

    I have plenty of Gold and the account is legitimately a top 5 account and will be all server long.

    Please contact me here via PM or via skype: nick.leavens

    (server is t4 version)
    My name is Mojo. I'm from season 9 of the Simpsons.

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    Hey, I am searching for a dual at no2 that can play when its day in america and that buy a little bit of gold.

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    Default Need 5th dual for 1. ranked teuton acc


    We are 4 players: 2 Norwegians, 1 Danish and 1 American who runs "Overlord" at an danish account.

    The server started last week and we made 1. raider, 2. pop, 5. attacker.

    We need one final american dual who can join our american player to farm during the server nighttime.

    If you are good enough to join the account, you know what to write in the message.

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    Hi Guys

    I need a night player, to play on dk1 (danish server)

    * We a allready playing 2 players on the account, but we need on to farm when it is night in denmark.
    * GMT + 1.
    * Our on-line time is 12:00 - 01:00 (GMT +1)
    * Tribe: Teuton
    * Offensive, right now only focus on farming
    * Planning on using some gold (You dont have to buy anything)
    * English is fine, dont need danish to play on danish. Something you dont understand use google.translate our aske us
    * Contact: skype, so add me (kennethzacho)

    Looking for:
    * We are not looking for experience players, but a person with talent and lots of online time. And a person over 15 year old.
    * Goal: To be top 100 acc, and top 10 in raid. And to be in the winning alliance.

    Add me on skype, so we can have a chat (Kennethzacho)

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    We can talk more if you add my skype :ste12396

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    I am offering my services as a dual. I do not buy gold, I am an American, I have played for about 3 years, I have played on some top accounts, I have experience with all 3 tribes but have the most with Teutons. If you have anymore questions contact me on Skype at al.smith7373.

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    I'm playing on pkx which is start last day.We are a group of 4 Players.Two are experienced with Gaul 3 with Gaul & Teuton We are covering 18 hours but it is a speed server.And we want not miss even a second

    It is a Teuton account
    We need a player who can cover 01:00 to 07:00 GMT+0:00
    Will have at least 1 speed server experience
    Can work without any instruction
    Can make more & more and more farm
    Can buy at least 50 gold for Gold Club for once but if you can't buy then no problem

    We will give you many Rivals One Gaul PD Not sure about Alliance But we will chose an Alliance who can go for WW.

    It is all we are offering

    PM me here or contact me on skype


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    I need dual for, please contact me on, or skype alexusii.alexusii

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    Hi my future dual!

    I am GMT +1
    It's a small server, but fun.
    Teuton acc
    Top 20 player (and missed the start 1 week, so it's really good), top 10 raid.
    6 villages atm and a growing army, off and agressive
    Have gold, GC acitve. You don't have to buy, unless you really want to

    I prefer someone 18+, but not a problem if you are younger, if you are reasonable.
    Experienced player would be great, but isn't a must. Account is very well run and it's easy to manage.
    It's a non english server, but shouldn't be a problem - everyone here speaks english, and you'll be online while most of the folks sleep here anyway...

    I just need someone to check the account during my night (that is from 01:00-07:00 (GMT+1)) and send raids (which is basically 1 click with gold club) or just log in few times during this time, not really much work.
    I am lead player and play at least 6-7 hours a day, and I have 1 dual already.

    You have to be able to follow some of my guidelines (what to build, etc.) but I am open to suggestions and easy to deal with.

    contact me by pm or add me on skype: manevem1

    hope you drop me a line and we can own this server together!

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    Server no4 (norwegian server restarting 04.04.12.)
    - which time zone you would like someone to be in: one of these
    US Eastern Standard Time: Norway is 6 hours ahead.
    US Central Standard Time: Norway is 7 hours ahead.
    US Pacific Standard Time: Norway is 9 hours ahead.
    - which time zone you are in: GMT +1 /CET
    - language requirements (if necessary): English
    - how much time you would like the dual to put in: Quite a lot of time.
    - experience (if necessary): Should know how the game works and how to play Teutons
    - which tribe the account is: Teutons
    - any other information you would like to share:
    I'm 18 years old and live in Norway. I want to be one of the best when the server restarts. I need someone to raid and build things during night. The dual should know how to play Teutons and have some experience. I'm capable of playing a lot during the day, but i obviously need some sleep.

    You don't have to buy gold, but it's a plus. I'm going to buy some. If you get any messages il translate them for you and etc. skype is a must.

    Contact me by pm or add me on skype : johannesgneist (please tell me you're from the US forums in the friend invite.)

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    Default dual request

    hi here is a little about me an sadiq from nigerian an looking for a dual from my opposite time on ts4 us server please if intrested privae message me or add me on skype

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    Looking for an american dual who can olay over night !

    Server : PKX
    Rank : 150
    Pop : 195 , 2nd village coming tommorow cause of culture points
    Duals : we are 7 , online 20/7 , but we need night to be 24/7
    Farming alot , dominating in 21x21 , good ally ( top 5) , GOLD CLUB ACTIVE , alot of army , farming alot. 204296 in 2 days. we need night dual to be in top 10 raiders.

    Night players , add me on skype : sumatic_97 . ONLY NIGHT beacouse it's covered by day .

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    Cool Need duel for rank 1 teuton account

    need a expreance duel for inidan server , this server started before 40 days ago and it is a t4 vs of travian.. and i am proposing u to be dual on a teuton account which is currently in rank 1 and got all raider madel .

    so if u really want to duel there then join me on skype id satyapd

    gold buyer will preferable ..


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    Default looking for a dual

    i need a dual for the upcoming uk server on april 4th,2012.

    tribe is teuton. i want a dual who can buy gold.if interested pm me with your email id.

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    Hello all in 2 days a fun danish speedserver will start, for that me and my 2 duals need a night player we will play Teuton and our goal will be top 10 attackers. we are atm 3 on the account from Denmark, we just need a night player. U dont NEED to buy gold but if u do it will be great! some on the account is buying

    The last information can you get on skype by adding: Elefanten333

    This will be a great account! so join us and get some experience


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    And a night player for us is one from USA

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    I need duall for usx who is buying gold 30 golds will be good Acc is haveing 80 population and 70 macemans !!!

    Write uick on pm!
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    Cool Dual for fix :)

    Hi Im looking for dual for 3x server. Started 5 days ago.. But I register it today.
    My time zone is GMT+1 .

    Tribe : Teutons

    There vill be gold on acc.

    For more info .. Send Pm.

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    Hey i need a dual from USA, the reason why i need one from USA is that i will play on a DKX server and when its day for you its night in Denmark, so you will be my Nightplayer/Farmer, all you have to do is farm and build and protect us from getting cleaned in the nights.

    About account: We will play Teuton = alot of farming work for you, we use gold (you dont need to), we are 3 on the account and our goal is top 10 attackers/farmers in the end, we already got a good alliance, so i think we will be safe in the start.

    You just need to have skype, and you need to know the game (so atleast one game played). we will teach you something!

    If this sounds great for you or you want hear more then add my skype: Elefanten333

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    Default dkx

    Hi we are 3 danich players searching a night dual on the danich speedserver we are in the GMT+1 timezone, so it would be day for you when it's night. we are Teutons so it would be a lot of farming for you. it would be great if you wuld like to by gold, but not necessary
    it is a T4 server

    right now we are in the top 10 raiders
    add my skype if you are interestet: gnaver1
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    Hello there,

    I am looking for a dual for my Roman account on NL3.

    It would be nice if your timezone is like GMT-5 or GMT+7. Communication is the key so Skype is a must. You should also speak proper English.

    Message or add me if you feel interested, only serious offers please.
    Skype: mzuidberg


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    I am need duals from USA, because I play on RS2( Serbian server 2).
    population: 125
    need to buy gold: yes

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    Hi all,

    Me and my friend started a account on uk6 and its going really well, we have managed to be in the robbers, attackers, defenders in the first week. We are a couple of old travian veterans and have played many international servers, Now we need some duals to cover more time as our activity will be limited in the future. Here are some details about the account:

    1- Top 10 raiders,attacker,defenders.

    2- We buy gold,250 per month, however we would still need an another gold buyer.

    3- We are 2 very experienced players, and have participated in many servers, our experience tells for itself.

    4- We are online atleast 20 hrs a day, but this would fall to 14 in future.

    5- Offensive account, we are planning for a large WW hammer as always.

    What we want from you:

    1- High activity, AT LEAST 8 hr a day, more would be awesome.
    2- Preferably, a gold buyer, u must buy at least 100 gold per month, however its not necessary to buy gold.
    3- Highly experienced, you must have atleast completed 3 full servers, and we would need prove that ur experience is not faked by you.
    4- You must have good team work skills and must have skype as we communicate through it.
    That's all folks, If u meet these requirements then plz add me asap on skype under angryfighter97 and we would discuss the details,

    Thanks for reading,

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    I am a new player n trying to understand the game. Forum is helping me alot. Thanks all of you

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    Hello guys , i'm italian , and search an sharer that covers from 14:00 to 21:00/22:00 for the
    ( for times american , that is , the your time zone )
    The dual must have these requirements :

    - Buy gold ( also 100 golds for month )
    - Expert whit gauls
    - As i have said before , must covers from 14:00 to 21:00/22:00 of times american , that is , the your time zone

    The my account is an account gauls in rank top 5 , whit medals raiders ( robbers ) , attackers , and climbers
    We want to make a main record of consumption of catapults , and numbers of swordmans

    You write me soon !


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    Default Dual

    hey guys,
    can be a dual for any top player.

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    Hi all!

    I would need a dual player for UKX server.

    About the acc:
    - Romans
    - top 120
    - 6100 pop
    - today we are chiefing 10th village
    - TOP sitter if you ask me

    All you have to do is to play as much as you can. Arties just came so we will soon have to fight. But please... have a decent experience which you can prove.

    Add me on skype: gospod.ivacic

    Greetings comrades

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    Okey, soo, this is the deal.

    TOP1 account at danish server. Started 1 month ago, and as I said, we are number 1. at the server.

    Offensive german, always top3 at raiders of the week. Send a message if you are from america.

    Please dont send a message if you're not an elite player.

    More info if I'm interested in you.

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    I want to be your dual

    I play 24/7 profesional with german and rome ! NO GOLD!!!

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