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Thread: Looking for Dual on Non-US server? Write here!

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    Need duall for the us7 play agresive but not yet

    Population 10 but is growing.
    Soo i need duall who will buy 50 gold for club

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    Hi all!

    Im looking for experienced team for the next slovenian speed server. It starts on 30.4.2012. We are about to play germans. My timezone is +1(Slovenia), so it would be nice if you are an aussie or an american. I wouldnt mind if you are european, either.

    If yar interessed, add me on skype and i ll tell you my previous achievements. My skype: gospod.ivacic

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    Hello everyone!

    This is Naspi, one of the duals on the Hannah Montana account last USX. Me and two in real friends are planning to start a offensive teuton account on the next norwegian speed which will start the 27th of February. The goal for the server is to have most fun as possible, and create a sizeable hammer when artefacts come. Preferably something to take an unique.

    A bit about me:

    Top 10 attackers and defenders, top 20 pop last USX speed
    Top 110 pop, top 20 attackers and top 20 defenders this UKX

    Requirements for you:

    - You will be our nightdual, thus you have to play on times we cannot. This will be 0.00-8.00 AM in weekdays and 2.00 - 10.00 AM in weekends (it is not required that you are online this entire period, but that you have opportunity to check)
    - Gold buyer (not required)
    - We have to like you as a person, we do not want an *** on our account.
    - Experience, preferably from a top raider account on another server.

    Add me on skype, mr.c00kie.

    - Cheers

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    Hello there,

    I am looking for a dual for my Roman account on NL3.
    The server just started, first non-Teuton to found a new village, Top 10s.

    It would be nice if your timezone is like GMT-5 or GMT+7. Communication is the key so Skype is a must. You should also speak proper English.

    Message or add me if you feel interested, only serious offers please.
    Skype: mzuidberg


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    - or New (starting in a few days)--> s5 - s6 - s2
    - GMT +2
    - English OR French OR Italian
    - Till end of server, or more
    - No Noobs

    Experienced Player, Ever Been on top atk/raiders in IT servers

    Skype: Ninjataccia

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    Need dual for . Server starts tomorrow and i am going to play teutons. I need you to play from 23:00 till 07:00 server time . That is 17:00 till 01:00 US time . U dont need to buy gold . We will play agressive and only build clubs 1st day then we try to build some economy .

    add me on skype if interested : hot_96

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    Hi all!

    I need dual for my account on us7,soo the account have 57 troops and it will play on agressive i need guy who play on the day,but not at night,soo if someone want to be my duall on the server us7 soo the population is 60 !
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    Hello future dual,

    We would like to have a dual for the next comx(international) server. We expect the server to start early to mid july

    Currently we have 3 or maybe 4 possible players from the Netherlands.
    Myself and one other of those duals currently play on the dutch speed server, on a top 40 account top10 raider top10 attack.
    One other currently plays on a top 10 normal dutch server and another has experience on a top 5 raider/attack/pop account on the dutch speed server.
    We have quite some experience on t4 servers, and know how to benefit from the trade system for hero items.

    Our time is GMT+2. We expect from you to be online for a few hours at least 5 times a week (preferably on monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday) during our nighttime (GMT +2). Most likely it will be evening for you at those times. We all speak English very well, so neither internal nor external communication will be a problem for us.

    We are looking for a serious dual, because we have set our goals for the server quite high. We will strive for the #1 raider spot from week 1 on. Together we will make a plan how to realize that goal. This will contain how to build up our villages, our army(ies), how to farm, how to use gold and so on.

    To sum everything up:
    We have an experienced team, also experienced with all aspects of t4
    We strive for the #1 raiderspot
    We will make an agreement beforehand.
    We will use gold, and all of us are expected to pitch in, but we will not waste it.

    If u are interested in joining our team, contact us on skype by adding the names Gido / or Stijn Hendriks to your contacts. If you are unable to do so and still want to take a shot at becoming our dual, please send a message to this forum account.


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    Searching american ELITE player for TOP1 AC**** in off german at danish server. Started 15.03.12. More info over skype.

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    Hello we are wishing to start on next comx. Please note this is NEXT comx. We are wishing to make a 2 man team consisting of a Gaul and a teuton. We will look to dominate our area. Players must be experienced. Gold buyers are needed. Contact me on Skype. Skype ID:anonymousandsecret

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    hey people I and my mate plan to make an offensive teuton account other servers we always own top raiders (mostly top 5) and we are planning to do this on nox as well. Please contact brackenfur.chippi on skype if u buy gold

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    I am considering doing a dual account for my account on the AU3 server. I am a Teuton and want to have fun with raiding and attacking.

    I live in Aus and want a dual to help while i am asleep and offline.

    I am just coming back to travian. I used to play a lot. Was on a few top 10 attacking accounts as a teuton and gual. I will not be buying gold on this account, as i have gold on an other account.

    I really just want to get one or two duals and have fun with the account. Lots of raiding and attacking. I am not too concerned with winning the endgame or anything like that but i do want to be a top 10 raider and attacker.

    The server is less than a week old, i was ranked 4 in the first two days and then started building troops and now i am down to a much lower rank but i am in a good area and have a good amount of troops that i am sending around when i can and if i can make the account 24/7 i have no doubt it will be a top 10 raider in the next week as i am not too far off it now playing alone.

    If you are interested send me a message with some info about yourself or Skype me: Westy_21

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    Hi we are 2 friends started 2 days ago atm we are rank 1 in robbers and rank 5 attackers we are looking for exp player to play with us have fun and be at least top 10 at the end of server, for more info add me on skype and we can talk about it

    skype: tomislavpevek

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    Default in need of one dual and one golder for

    Atm account is rank 1 in robbers and 4 attacker, server is 2 days old.
    What we look is 2 players one should be golder with end game exp, our goal is to have fun and be the best.
    We are 2 players atm with alot of exp and ofc therefore we are looking the same.

    For more info add me on skype and we will continue from there

    Skype info: tomislavpevek

    Kind regards


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    Default Dual for com6


    Experienced with teuton and knows how to raid. Gold and non-gold both users are welcome.

    Server Information

    Started: 09.04.2012 (11 days)
    Vesrion: T4

    Account Info

    Tribe: Teuton
    Ranks: top 50 poper, attacker and top 10 raider

    PS: Joined after 5 days and managed to get 150% cropper

    Skype: unl-13

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    Hoping to get a couple of people to help me on the BGX server that is about to start. Gold buying isn't nessecary. Will probably Teutons or Romans. Player name: Rakirs. NE or NW quadrants. PM me if interested

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    Default Top account need a player who can gold!

    I am serching for a very serious american man/women who wants to play on swedish speedx3 server. The account started 10 days after the others, The rank is now 1264, but we will be one of the atleast top 100. We are playing defensive, dont know the
    name on english, but its not teutons and not romans

    The player MUST BUY GOLD!
    We are looking for a player who can be online on the day for u, night on the server for u!
    A experienced or atleast a player who can play travian!
    U must use skype!
    U have to be serious, but also have fun
    If u dosnt full fill these requiements dont even writhe to me!

    All who is intressted in playing on a top account in Sweden add me on skype!
    My skype name is: Jonas.jag

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swedish guy View Post
    I am serching for a very serious american man/women who wants to play on swedish speedx3 server. The account started 10 days after the others, The rank is now 1264, but we will be one of the atleast top 100. We are playing defensive, dont know the
    name on english, but its not teutons and not romans

    The player MUST BUY GOLD!
    We are looking for a player who can be online on the day for u, night on the server for u!
    A experienced or atleast a player who can play travian!
    U must use skype!
    U have to be serious, but also have fun
    If u dosnt full fill these requiements dont even writhe to me!

    All who is intressted in playing on a top account in Sweden add me on skype!
    My skype name is: Jonas.jag
    Ranked below 1000 & defensive isn't exactly "top" account.
    I asked God for a bike, but I know God doesn't work that way. So I stole a bike and asked for forgiveness.

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    Question Looking for a dual - TOP TEUTON account on european server

    Hi my future dual player!

    I am GMT +1
    It's a small server, but fun.
    I am top 10 player, top 5 raider and attacker.
    Teuton acc, off and agressive.
    Have gold, GC acitve. You don't have to buy, unless you really want to

    I prefer someone 18+, but not a problem if you are younger, if you are reasonable and reliable.
    Experienced player would be great, but isn't a must. Account is very well run and it's easy to manage.

    I just need someone to check the account during night and send raids few times (that is from 24:00-06:00 GMT+1 ) or just log in few times during this time, not really much work. Sending raids is just 1 click with GC.

    I am lead player and play at least 6-7 hours a day, and I have 1 dual already.
    You have to be able to follow some of my guidelines (what to build, etc.) but I am open to suggestions and easy to deal with.

    contact me by pm or add me on skype: manevem1

    Hope to hear from you and we can rule this server together!

    P.S: Examples to make it easier - If you are from:
    US Pacific: you should be able to play from 3pm to 9pm
    US Eastern: from 6pm to midnight
    Canada Central: from 5pm to 11pm
    Australia / Sydney: from 8am to 2pm

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    I am interested in join in on your account. I have been a top tuet account before so I definitely know what I am doing I can be on anytime of the day including my nights as I wake up every hour and send out raids

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    Looking for dual on
    Server starting in 3 days in 06:00 SERVER TIME

    Tribe : Teutons
    Strategy : offensive
    Gold : u dont need to buy but would be nice . but you DONT NEED TO
    I need dual from 18:00 till 00:00 US Server Time, and that is 00:00 to 06:00 server time in Croatia.
    We would also need some deffenders in there so it would be nice if u would register with our refferer link and chose GAULS or ROMANS and send us some deff and we could protect you BIG TIME.
    You can PM me here OR add me on skype : hot_96
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    Looking for dual on

    Tribe: Teut/Off
    Account is top 200 on population and top robbers for 3th week now..need experienced robber and gold buyer.

    Skype: chrysops123

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    We are looking for a dual on a Teuton account. While currently we are only ranked 95, the server is only on week two and we are just days away from our second village (much closer then the rank one account). The first week of play we took the first place robbers and we also got 6th place attackers. We are still in the top 5 this week and continue to grow. We are a very active and experienced group and we just need one more person from the United States (or Canada) to help in covering Bosnian nights.

    If you are interested, either message me on the forums or add me on Skype, Mynameisname77

    - Account on Travian ba2 (Bosnia)
    - Looking for anyone in the United States. Any time zone is acceptable but you must be available for at least some of the night as the main job will be to cover for when our Bosnian members are sleeping
    - English is fine, but if by some chance you know Bosnian that would be a HUGE plus!
    - We have multiple members so we aren't asking for 24/7 coverage, but we would like you to be on fairly consistently throughout the day
    - The more experience the better! Will be judged by a case to case basis
    Quote Originally Posted by Nichts View Post
    Women, on the other hand, are dressed and ready to go in 15 minutes flat. They have two pairs of pants max, which makes any decision making a breeze - "I wore this pair last time, so I'll wear the other pair today. But the tie I wore last time is fine.... just need to get a few crinkles out."

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    Searching american elite player for top1 account

    Danish server. Top1 pop. Only player with 6 villages. Always top5 raider. 14 medals after the server started 15.03.12. Most likely going to win.

    More info if you seem like an alternative.

    Send info about your experience + skype nick.

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    Hello all!

    I'd like to get a dual for the next Slovenian speed server. It starts on 30.4. We will be playing an offensive teuton as usual.
    At the moment, there are in the team 2 Slovenes and a 1 New Zealander, so we would like to get someone probably from America. But, even if you are not from America, we can do a little exception, as we would really like to be one of the biggest travian accounts ever. We are not a bunch of noobies, we all know what we want.

    We all are experienced players, our biggest reach was The Froglet, from the slovenian speed server.

    Sorry for a bad english, theres long time ago i learned english in school.

    If you would like to join us, add me on skype: gospod.ivacic, or send me a pm.

    Greetings players

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    Experienced with teuton and knows how to raid. Needs to be able to play on Europe night time. Gold and non-gold both users are welcomed.

    Server Information

    Start: 30.04.2012 (in 54 hours and 26 minutes)
    Version: T4

    Account Info

    Tribe: Teuton probably
    Our Goal: pop - top 50 | def - top 250 | att - top 25 | Also some medals hopefully.

    Contact: PM or on Skype: jaskolord

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    Looking for dual on upocoming ltx. You must be experienced, active and atleast 16 yrs old.
    Server:ltx (server starts 09.05.2012.)
    Tribe: Romans
    We will use gold. (u r not supposed to buy, we will discuss it later)

    About Me:
    3 years of experience
    Rank top 20.
    Top 10 attacker.
    Lots of gold.

    If you are interested pm me there or email me:

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    Default Dual on Speed (x3) Norway!


    I am a 16 year old boy that play roman on the Norway speed server. (
    I registered on Friday 27. April 12.00 GMT + 1( 0 AM) and i now have 124 inhabitants.
    I'm a member of the 3rd biggest alliance.

    I need a player to be online from 22.00 (10PM) to 10.00 (10 AM) GMT+1
    i have currently all resource fields in level 4 and i am going to produce troops!
    I dont use gold.

    Plz send me a PM as quick as possibly so we can talk!

    Sry for my English!

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    One More Dual for Com6


    Experienced with teuton and knows how to raid. Gold and non-gold both
    users are welcome. You need to cover around 2 to 14 by UTC+1(Server Time).

    Server Information

    Started: 09.04.2012 (21 days)
    Vesrion: T4

    Account Info

    Tribe: Teuton
    Ranks: top 10 poper, Top 10 attacker and top 10 raider
    Capital: 150% cropper

    Skype: unl-13
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    Looking for a dual on com9. Just outside the top 100 currently, about 11 weeks in and getting pressed for time. Doing decent as an offensive Teuton, but looking to improve. I buy gold, not stingy either. Looking for someone experienced in raiding and maintaining a large offensive army and a medium defensive army. Account name is KingButtons III.

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    Looking for a dual on Slovenian speed server - six.

    The account just fell out of top raiders cause we havent got the night player yet. We are top 10 defenders(only by animals) and top 50 attackers. The server started yesterday. We ve got a lot of troops to play with.We are well organised team, we all use skype. The only part that is not covered is our night time.

    We are looking for an American elite player. Please, add me on skype: gospod.ivacic

    EDIT: If you buy gold, you are automatically in, doesnt matter where are you from.
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    we are looking for a dual for speed server (slovenian speed server). There's three of us we all cover pretty much all day only at night. The server started yesterday. we have *** troops. We are teutons and crazy famers. we robbed **k resources. The server is pretty hard with a lot of experianced and pro players. We are almost at top 10 robbers. We will buy gold...

    contact me at skype tadej.berlec

    EDIT: when you have day, we have night
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    - Any us or world server or (italia)
    - I need a dual for the night , i'm in GMT+1 , in my time zone i am online by 15.00 to 00.00-01.00 (GMT+1)
    - I can also do the dual for the night for your server!
    - english it's ok,but mine isn't very good lol... if you for miracle speak italian is better but isn't necessary
    - experience (if necessary) : A minimum of experience is better, but i can help and teach you if is necessary, it's okay a big pledge .
    - which tribe the account is : TEUTONS RULEZ!!!
    teutons are bosses in offensive strategy.. than attack and farm all!!

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    I need a dual fo croatian s2 server.Account is gaul,and it's offensive account.
    -top 50 pop account
    - a lot of troops(every week i need 20-30k to get a medal)
    - nice alliance

    you need to:
    -have some experience
    - play betwen 01:00 and 14:00 (GTM+2)
    -if you buy gold,you are in

    contact me on skype markob007

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    Hello there, looking for a dual on newly started pk3.
    We (the three of us) are currently 3rd top raiding but have nobody for the night shift. That is where your timezone comes in.

    Info on the account:
    We have 500 troops, paladins researched
    Top 10 robbers
    Top alliance
    No gold so far

    What we want from you
    US time zone
    Active 4 hours a day (can be on and off i.e. checking once every 10 mins for 4 hours)
    If you have gold that is a massive plus.

    Thanks for reading, and if you are interested contact me at skype:

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    Hello we are looking for one more player for ours teuton account ba2 (bosnian server) atm third week is passing and we are maintaining our top 10 in everything robbers,attackers and pop, we have gold so we dont need it.

    For more info add me on skype and we can talk more

    Kind regards


    skype info : tomislavpevek

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    I'm David, Come from SLOVENIA (EUROPA). I offer for dual in any servers. My world time is (GMT +02:00). I have skype and facebook.
    I speak very good English, German, Spanish, Croatian, Bosnian Language.

    For more question add me on skype, my skype is here: david.ledinek

    Greetings from Slovenia, David.

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    I am from Asia.I am looking for a Dual to play with me on a new server pk3.The server age is 2 weeks.

    Info about account
    Tribe is Gaul(Offensive+Defensive) Ohh I like Gauls very much for their Speed & horror & other advantages
    I am in -/- Area & in a Server winning Team.We won the last pk4 server with hard work and due to Teamwork
    I am not a gold Buyer but I convert silver for Gold

    What I want from you
    Your timezone is not a problem (I have exams)
    Active 4 hours a day
    Gettertools account

    I bet we will be the best Ghost & Defender in the server

    PM me here if you want to play with me as My skype is off for 1 month

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    Hello. We are two danish guys playing on We would be pleased to find a third player for our account. It would be awesome with one from the US, because then we can be online 24/7.

    We are offensive players.
    Account Info
    In game name: Krakken

    Tribe: Teuton
    Rank: 34 with 4233 pop at the moment
    We are gold users and we would like to see you use gold as well.

    Skype information:

    Hope someone would see this as a good offer.

    Best regards
    Jesper Jensen and Mikkel Andersen

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    Hello there,

    I'm looking for a dual on the NL1 server.

    Info about us
    We're experienced players from the Netherlands.
    We played a NL4 top 5 account, and many top 20 accounts.
    If you want more information, ask us!
    English reading- and writingskills are present. Pretty good for foreigners.

    Info on the account
    The beginning was good. We were in the top 50, and top 20 attacking.
    Now it's a little bit less, but the farming goes very well!
    Troopratio 500%, going to rip an arte soon.
    Have bought gold, so the Gold Club is activated.
    Also Travian PLUS for the whole server, 800 gold on the account, so feel free to use ...
    Owner of a top10 alliance.

    Why we are searching for a dual
    We're searching a dual because we need somebody to cover the night.

    What we want from you
    If we're going to sleep, you're coming from school or from your job.
    We can communicate as you wish. Skype, Notepad or IGM.
    You don't have to have lots of experience, actually, experience is not necessary at all!
    You must farm twice or thrice a night, and send crop to our hammervillage.
    You might build some buildings or resourcefields in our villages, but that's not necessary.

    If you're interested, add me on Skype: koentravian, and send me a PM that you've added me on Skype!
    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

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